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How should you measure procurement performance?

You could measure your procurement performance through different metrics and we have listed a few of them below and the best way to simplify this process is by adopting a procurement software.

Procurement Cycle Time: The procurement cycle time is defined as the time it takes from placing a requisition to getting the items. Getting rid of the long cycle times involved with acquiring products and services is an excellent approach to save money on procurement.

Performance of Vendors: The monitoring and analysis of your company's vendors' dependability, quality, and performance are referred to as vendor performance management. The vendor performance metrics to keep an eye on are our delivery lead time, delays in communication, quality of delivered goods, compliance rate, number of backorders, etc.

Spend under management: The percentage of your organization's overall spend that the procurement department handles is referred to as spend under management. It is a standard performance metric that can be equally applied to businesses of different sizes and sectors.

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