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What are two advantages of the procurement integrated enterprise environment?

Like any other procurement software, Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) aims to make an organization’s procurement work processes and internal communication efficient and effective without increasing IT complexity so every team member can adopt it quickly and start reaping benefits.

Although there are numerous advantages of a Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE), these two are the main ones:

1. Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration: From pre-award to contract closure, such procurement software allows for optimization at every stage of the procurement process, minimizing human data entry and administrative responsibilities. Previously, if it takes a day to move files around the desks for approvals, PIEE can help you get multiple approvals within a few minutes. Along with that, integrated document management and messaging features provide a centralized platform for organizations and roles to securely communicate and share crucial data.

2. Increased Visibility: All users have increased visibility into the procurement process at all times because of global access to information such as reports, papers, and workflow statuses. Any authorized individual can check the status of any task and can find out where it is stuck so it can be released timely.

In addition to that, it provides visibility on spend expenditure that informs authorized personnel who spent what amount which limits maverick spending.