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Build custom enterprise apps with our powerful
Low-Code Platform

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Kissflow Low-Code Development Platform
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By 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by citizen developers

Harness the power of a low-code application development platform to drive innovation.

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Enable business and IT teams to co-create apps

Kissflow’s low-code software brings business and IT together to digitally transform your internal operations by enabling them to build custom solutions

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    IT teams can clear backlogs faster with the simple yet powerful app builder

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    Citizen developers can build tailored apps with zero to minimal coding

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    Business and IT teams can divide and transform together

Create custom apps for Business and IT team

Turn your ideas into apps with
Kissflow's low-code development platform

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Application builder

Design and develop complex applications with multiple workflows, boards, integrations, custom pages, dashboards, and more

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Visual modeling tools

Create robust applications easily with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and visual methods

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Pre-built Apps

Leverage a wide range of customizable pre-built apps to expedite your application development process

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Cross-platform compatibility

Build and deploy applications across different devices and operating systems with Kissflow’s low-code software

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Reporting and analytics

Gain insights and track key metrics related to applications and processes with robust reporting and analytics capabilities

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Enhance collaboration across teams and seamlessly integrate with various tools and systems for improved communication and workflow integration

Build any simple or complex app
with Kissflow’s low-code development platform

Quickly develop a range of applications, from the simplest to the most complex

Build complex apps faster

If speed is your thing, Kissflow is what you need. We help you create apps quicker than any other low-code software.
Build apps faster with Kissflow Low-code platform
Build apps faster with Kissflow Low-code platform
Build apps faster with Kissflow Low-code platform

Here's what customers say about our low-code software

"We tried other solutions, but they were too complex. Kissflow was simple and fit us perfectly."


Jeanine Cater


"With Kissflow, I got used to developing processes very fast and the support given was very helpful."

Griselda Juve


"Our previous system was so difficult to use that we lost a lot of potential candidates. They didn’t want to go through the process because it was so cumbersome."


Amy Davey

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Frequently Asked Questions

An LCNC (Low-Code/No-Code) platform is a development environment that allows users to create applications using graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded programming. This approach empowers individuals with minimal coding experience to build functional applications quickly and efficiently. Kissflow's low-code platform accelerates the app development process, reduces IT backlogs, and enables a broader range of users to participate actively in digital transformation initiatives.
Kissflow is a top-tier, low-code development platform that empowers users to build enterprise-grade apps quickly and efficiently. Renowned for its ease of use and versatility, Kissflow caters to non-developers and seasoned professionals. It is a go-to solution for organizations looking to streamline their app development processes and eliminate IT backlogs.
Low-code app development creates applications using visual interfaces and pre-built components instead of traditional hand-coded programming. This approach simplifies the development process, allowing developers to quickly drag-and-drop components to build applications. Kissflow's low-code application development platform helps a wider range of users, including those without extensive coding knowledge, helping to accelerate digital transformation and reduce IT backlogs.
Yes, low-code development is generally considered easy, especially with platforms like Kissflow. Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, Kissflow enables users with varying technical expertise to build applications. The visual development environment drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built templates simplify the process, allowing users to focus on functionality and design without worrying about complex coding. This ease of use helps organizations quickly develop and deploy applications, enhancing productivity and innovation.
Kissflow's low-code application development platform is rapidly becoming a top choice for many organizations. Known for its user-friendly interface, versatility, and ability to cater to non-developers and seasoned professionals, Kissflow excels in streamlining app development processes and eliminating IT backlogs. Its comprehensive support and efficiency make it a preferred solution over other recognized platforms like Mendix, OutSystems, and Appian.
A low-code platform can help speed up development time, reduce costs, and increase collaboration between IT and non-IT stakeholders.
Yes, Kissflow low-code offers seamless integration capabilities. You can connect your applications with various systems, databases, APIs, and cloud services to leverage existing data and workflows.
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