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Build Smart Solutions for Oil and Gas Operations

Rapidly develop custom applications with a low-code platform

Trying to Solve Any of These Challenges?

Fragmented Data Management and Integration
Complex Remote Monitoring and Control
Non-Convergence of IT-OT
Unstructured Asset Lifecycle Management
Changing Regulatory Compliance
Legacy Systems

A Radically Better Low-Code
Platform for Oil and Gas

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Holistic Integration

Integrate massive amounts of data from various sources, including SCADA, ERP, CRM and other systems.

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Manage Remotely

Monitor and control offshore platforms remotely. Allow real-time data access from centralized locations.

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Enable IT-OT Convergence

Align your information and operational technology systems to and optimize overall operations.

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Stay Compliant

Comply with all regulations – industry-specific, health, safety, environment, and data security and privacy.

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Streamline Asset Management

Manage IT infrastructure for the entire asset lifecycle, from exploration, production to distribution.

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Modernize Legacy Systems

Replace older systems with custom, modern applications at your pace.

Fuel Everyday Operations With
Custom Automated Apps

Production Monitoring and Optimization

Provide real-time data on production rates, equipment status, and well performance. Enable engineers to identify production bottlenecks and implement optimization strategies to maximize output.

Health, Safety, and Environment Compliance

Track and manage safety protocols, incident reporting, and compliance with environmental regulations to ensure safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Document and Data Management

Organize and manage documents, reports, and data related to exploration and production activities, ensuring easy access and version control.

Drilling Cost Analysis

Track drilling cost to help analyze drilling expenditures, allowing cost optimization and better financial planning.

Real-Time Production Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor production rates, wellhead pressure, fluid levels, and other key performance indicators to quickly identify any abnormalities or deviations.

Tank Level Monitoring

Monitor tank levels in real-time, providing alerts when levels reach critical thresholds to optimize production and logistics.

Remote Surveillance and Control

Monitor and control the production of facilities remotely. Enable engineers to adjust production parameters and diagnose issues from offsite locations.

Maintenance Scheduler

Schedule and track routine maintenance activities for production equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment reliability.

Incident Reporting and Management

Generate reports on safety incidents, near misses, and hazards. Streamline incident management processes, including investigation, corrective actions, and reporting to regulatory authorities.

Safety Inspection Checklist

Facilitate safety inspections and audits, providing HSE teams customizable checklists for different locations and operations. Automate inspection reports and track corrective actions.

Permit-to-Work (PTW) Management

Manage the issuance and tracking of PTWs for various work activities, ensuring proper safety protocols before commencing high-risk tasks.

Emergency Response Planning

Develop and maintain emergency response plans, including evacuation procedures and communication protocols during emergencies.

Supplier Management

Centralize supplier information, performance metrics, and contract details, facilitating effective supplier management and evaluation.

Procurement Request Portal

Allow employees to submit procurement requests with specific details and automates the approval process.

Purchase Order Tracking

Track the status of purchase orders, providing real-time updates on order processing, delivery, and invoicing.

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory levels, track stock movements, and generate alerts for low or potential stockouts.

Expense Tracking and Reporting

Allow employees to submit expense reports, automate approval workflows, and generate expense reports for reimbursement and accounting purposes.

Invoice Processing and Management

Automate invoice processing, validating invoices against purchase orders and contracts, and expediting payment processes.

Financial Dashboard and Reporting

Present financial data and key performance indicators (KPIs) in interactive dashboards for better financial analysis and decision-making.

Budget Planning and Management

Facilitate budget planning, tracking, and variance analysis, enabling better financial control and resource allocation.

Employee Information Management System

Centralize employee information, including personal details, employment history, training records, and performance evaluations.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

Manage the recruitment process, tracks job applicants, schedules interviews, and automates candidate evaluation.

Performance Management Dashboard

Present performance data and evaluations in interactive dashboards, allowing for better performance analysis and talent development.

Employee Leave and Attendance Tracker

Track employee leave requests, attendance records, and accruals, streamlining leave management processes.

Intellectual Property (IP) Tracker

Manage intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, ensuring proper documentation and protection of R&D assets.

Research Data Management System

Centralize research data, including experimental results, lab reports, and research findings to enable easy access.

R&D Performance Metrics Dashboard

Present key performance indicators (KPIs) related to R&D performance and innovation output in interactive dashboards.

Experiment Planning and Tracking

Plan and track R&D experiments, managing variables, parameters, and outcomes for efficient experimentation.

Logistics Tracking

Track the stages, dates, times, and whereabouts of the crude as it is moved from the storage to the refining facility.

Supply Chain Portal

Handle all the logistics, shipper portal, and invoice management on a central platform.

Asset Reliability

Automate the management of assets across departments on a unified platform.

Inventory Tracking

Monitor day-to-day operations involved in inventory management to stay on top of stock levels.

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