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At Kissflow, we believe that the most powerful solutions are the simple ones. In an increasingly complex world, the simplicity of our products, processes and performance is what helps us stand out. We know that it is the people closest to a problem who can best solve it.

That’s why our pioneering Digital Workplace solutions empower organizations across the globe by helping them manage all their work on a unified platform. Our people, products, and work philosophy have made us one of the best SaaS companies in India.

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‘People-First’ people.

We believe in helping each other become the
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Since we began, Kissflow has embraced a culture that puts people first. A decade later, we continue to uphold this philosophy by inspiring our employees to reach their full potential with courage, agility, creativity, independence, learning, and collaborative growth.

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Happy employees make happy customers!

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Suresh Sambandam

CEO & Founder

Suresh is a first-generation entrepreneur well-known for putting India on the global SaaS map. His vision to democratize cutting-edge technologies and build world-class platform products is what led to Kissflow’s inception. He has three US patents to his credit.

Suresh is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology startups and spends a significant amount of time mentoring young companies. He co-founded SaaSBoomi, Asia’s No. 1 & largest SaaS Community for SaaS founders.

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