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Transform Disjointed Middle Office Operations in Insurance

Create a fully connected low-code insurance ecosystem by seamlessly
integrating with your Insuretech
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Trying to solve any of these challenges?

Disparate Systems
Slow Time-to-Develop
Mounting Technical Debt
Poor Self-Service
Crumbling Legacy Systems
Heavy Customization

Solve multiple problems for Insurance
on one platform

Kissflow's low-code no-code for insurance brings the right people to
build the right apps on the right platform
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Bring everything together

Break monoliths and consolidate your architecture with easily composable apps

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Slash development time

Build custom apps with a powerful drag and drop app builder in weeks

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Cut IT costs

Minimize technical debt and slash sunk IT costs by reducing reliance on IT

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Improve self-service

Build custom apps, processes, and portals that promote self-service

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Modernize legacy systems

Build new systems around the edges of your legacy systems

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Connect multiple apps

Enjoy a cross-platform experience by connecting your core systems together

Fix the Missing Pieces of Your
Core Insurance Systems

Product Policy Approvals and Launch

Review and approve insurance products and policies. Integrate with underwriting and policy administration systems to ensure seamless data transfer and consistency across systems.

Customer Policy Approvals

Create customized workflows for policy approval processes. Allow stakeholders, such as underwriters, agents, and managers, to define the steps, roles, and responsibilities involved in reviewing and approving policies.

Policy Issuance and Dispatch

Auto-generate policies based on customer's application and underwriting process. Build custom policy templates and include policy-specific details, terms, and conditions.

Payment Reminders and Tracking

Define a schedule that determines the frequency and timing of payment reminders. In case of non-payment, include an escalation process to handle overdue payments.

New Product Launch

Automatically route the product documentation to appropriate stakeholders for review and approval, ensure all necessary approvals are obtained before the product is launched. Gain visibility into the approval status, facilitate collaboration and reduce approval cycle times.


Establish clear processes with reinsurers. Provide updates on portfolio of policies, claims experience, and any significant changes in the risk profile. Exchange data and reports related to policy issuance, claims, premiums, and other relevant information via automated workflows.

Product Feedback and Ticketing

Establish a feedback loop to capture ongoing product feedback from customers, agents, and employees. Build customer surveys and feedback forms to facilitate agent feedback and customer support.

Unstructured Underwriting

Manage unstructured processes such as risk assessment, underwriting evaluation, and risk mitigation through effective case management.

Claim Registering

Capture all necessary details related to a claim and initiate the necessary steps to assess and process it. Get notified on various channels such as phone, email, online portals, or mobile apps.

Claim Checks and Approvals

Review, validate, and approve insurance claims for payment. Intake documentation, perform initial review, assess and adjust claims, verify and authorize disbursals.

Payment and Reconciliation

Automate payments based on approved claims. Streamline reconciliation process by matching payments to corresponding claims. Compare payment amounts, claim reference numbers, policy details, and other relevant data to avoid discrepancies.

Document Management

Create a central repository for storing and organizing insurance documents. Search for documents using keywords, metadata, or advanced search options. Create workflows that support document review and approval and ensure efficient collaboration.

Vendor Onboarding

Include new vendors in your ecosystem and collaborate with them. Verify the vendor's credentials, assess their capabilities, and complete the necessary paperwork and approvals to ensure a compliant partnership.

Transportation Management

Design workflows for shipment planning, route optimization, tracking updates, and integrate it with your ERP system seamlessly.

Insurance and Renewals

Automate the entire renewal process by reviewing policy details, assessing risk factors, setting renewal terms, calculating premiums, and completing required paperwork and administrative tasks.

Fixed Asset Purchase

Streamline the process of purchasing and acquiring fixed assets. Build custom app that can automate asset requisition, approval, purchase order generation, invoice verification, asset tagging, handover and maintenance.

Event Based Messages and Reminders

Set up workflow rules within your CRM system to automatically trigger event-based messages or reminders. Integrate your CRM system with relevant data sources that contain the event information.

Policy Approval and Issuance

Auto-transfer policy issuance details from the policy administration system to CRM. Allow policyholders to submit applications through digital forms and validate it before auto syncing it with CRM.

Contact and Account Auto Sync

Allow policyholders to submit applications through digital forms and validate it before auto syncing it with CRM.

Portals and Mobile Apps

Allow policyholders to manage their policies, access information, and perform self-service tasks through custom portals and mobile apps.

Employee Onboarding

Create and manage digital documents, and enable self-service for new hires to complete onboarding work. Integrate with HR systems, such as payroll and benefits platforms, to ensure data accuracy across systems

Employee Offboarding

Build workflows and checklists to guide HR and managers through the process of employee departures. Collect feedback through exit interviews and surveys to gain insights into the reasons for employee departures.

Timesheet Management

Easily track hours worked, overtime, and paid time off. Automatically calculate time-based wages and generate detailed reports for efficient payroll processing.

Performance Management

Automate goal setting, performance appraisals and feedback processes to ensure timely completion by relevant stakeholders.

Features That Let You Modernize Middle Office Operations

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Insurance Orchestrate Master Data
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Insurance Dashboard
Insurance Integrations

Tailor These Popular Insurance Apps
for Your Business

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Claims Management

Build claims and settlement workflows to receive, investigate, and resolve claims automatically for faster closure

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Policy Management

Build processes to review, approve, and deliver a repository of policies. Monitor the performance of the policy management process

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Underwriting Management

Define rules and policies that calculate insurance premiums, define rating rules, create auditable document trails, and do more

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