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Why You Need An Automated Case Management System Today

Why You Need An Automated Case Management System Today

Team Kissflow

Updated on 8 Apr 2024 4 min read

Case management refers to the process of gathering data pertaining to an incident, complaint, request, or issue, investigating root-cause, taking action, and resolving them in a fast and timely manner. It largely involves routing of issues, knowledge-based decision making, and ultimately the ability to route and resolve issues effectively.

An automated case management system or software is designed to guide users through the entire process of managing a case, automating related tasks and activities while also giving room for human involvement in decisions that are not fully automatable. With a system like this, it is possible to adopt a flexible approach to resolving cases, meeting SLAs and creating impactful customer experiences.

In almost all cases, the end goal of implementing a solution like this is to improve knowledge-driven processes as much as possible and optimize operations to reduce cost and time while also offering improved services to clients and customers.

Case Management Without Automation

Caseworkers tend to have a lot on their hands. Not only do they have to make decisions based on available information, but they also have to watch out for new information as they handle a case. A process they have initiated initially may need to be halted, updated, or may need to take a new direction based on the introduction of new information. Needless to say managing processes manually without any form of automation can be pretty challenging.

Consider a traditional help desk with no automated case management system. Typically, a case worker receives customer requests through calls or mail. These requests will then have to be input into a manual case management tool (read spreadsheet) while forwarding the complaint to the appropriate department. They then have to keep track of the ticket through timely follow-ups while simultaneously keeping customers informed of the status of their queries. While some issues may be resolved there, others may require additional approvals, escalations, or in some cases may even require further collaboration with multiple teams and stakeholders until the issue is resolved.

Helpdesks don’t just have to deal with chaotic processes like this all the time. Manually managing such processes can also prove extremely cumbersome and error-prone—manually handling all of these complex processes increases the risk of human errors, difficulties with isolating data, poor personnel collaboration, and duplication of efforts. This can cause cases to drag on more than they should, causing a serious dip in customer satisfaction.

Why Automated Case Management Is A Game Changer

An automated case management solution can make a world of a difference in functions that deal with dynamic cases such as helpdesk. With an automated helpdesk software, case workers have a bird’s eye view of customer service requests as soon as they come in. They are enabled to take knowledge-based decisions, route actions and steps to the appropriate teams, follow-up, and keep customers informed of the status of their request within a single interface. Approvals and escalations are quick and easy, resulting in faster resolution times and happier customers. Not only will this boost efficiency by streamlining workflows, but it also reduces the operational cost in the long run.

Organizations are increasingly turning to case management automation solutions to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce the operational costs. Without a solution, case workers have to rely on manual, outdated, and inefficient tools to delegate, drive action, follow-up, and resolve issues. With an automated solution, case workers can simply concentrate on delivering delightful experiences while allowing technology to do the legwork.

Kissflow Workflow for Case Management

Kissflow Workflow is a dynamic case management software that puts users in complete control of cases no matter their unpredictability. This software comes with loads of tailor-made features designed to make cases a lot more seamless and simplified for easier management. Some of the benefits of using Kissflow for case management are highlighted below.

Ease of use and intuitive UI

Kissflow features an intuitive and intelligently built interface that’s easy to use and comes with features that users will find comfortable to work with. Operating the tool requires no prior coding experience or knowledge. The platform takes minutes to implement and does not have a steep learning curve for users to get up and running.

Increased transparency

With Kissflow, any update or change in information related to a case is reflected immediately across all channels. A system like this makes it possible for caseworkers to access the information they need at any time leading to increased efficiency and faster case resolution. Since all data is stored digitally, all processes are transparent, and case managers can easily monitor every step of the process, identify issues and problematic areas for immediate resolution.


Since every enterprise has its unique needs, it only makes sense that an automated case management system like Kissflow is designed to be customizable based on every organization’s specific requirements. Kissflow completely eliminates the need for external help. Organizations have access to a case management system that can be customized based on the operational requirements of the use case and method of function.

In-depth analytics

An automated case management system should do better than mere CSV file exports for reports. Real-time analytics with custom metrics, charts and charts are essential to get a complete and comprehensive overview of processes and how they’re managed. Case managers can then use these insights to improve existing processes and remove bottlenecks and redundancies.

Enterprise-grade data security

Despite being a centralized database accessible to workers and case managers, Kissflow also offers enterprise-grade security features to keep sensitive data secure. This includes secured document sharing and access control with specific authorization levels for different user categories.

Dynamic case management puts users in control

Swift case resolution

Since Kissflow provides a centralized database for case management, users get access to real-time information related to cases. Caseworkers can then piece together important aspects of the case to derive context, and bring about swift resolution. The ability to collaborate with other teams and stakeholders within a single unified platform greatly improves the speed in which cases are resolved.

Easy access of data

All the data relating to a case are easily accessible for authorized users. Users can also access data remotely, and from different devices wherever they are. This feature is particularly essential for businesses with teams in different locations and makes enterprise mobility possible.

Better delegation and time management

Kissflow can be used to automate case escalation and case assignment to the appropriate teams. The tasks within a case are automatically routed to the right caseworkers based on established standard operating protocols. Real-time notifications and smart alerts also ensure relevant team members don’t miss critical updates.

State-of-the-art integration capabilities

Kissflow has a robust system designed to integrate seamlessly with internal and external software and APIs that improve the inherent capabilities of the existing system.


Using an automated case management system is a game-changer. It simplifies the otherwise complex process of managing cases and has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. An automated system optimizes team management and makes data readily available for caseworkers to make an informed decision where human intervention is necessary. Bug tracking, issue tracking, customer complaint management, internal service requests, claims processing, incident management are all examples of dynamic cases that require an automated solution.

Ready to streamline and optimize your case management process? Try out Kissflow Workflow, a dynamic case management system with a difference. With a range of robust features and ease of customizability, you have access to a flexible solution perfect for your business, allowing you to improve the quality of service and boost customer satisfaction. Signup to Kissflow today!

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