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Our valued enterprise customers across Europe

Join companies that swiftly create custom apps and address IT needs with Kissflow
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Kissflow’s custom solutions for European industries

Explore the advanced low-code solution tailored to the needs of various European industries



Enhance core banking systems by integrating and customizing processes

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Build connected insurance systems that integrate with your insurtech

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Resolve complex manufacturing issues with efficient automation

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Build stronger customer relationships through connected retail experiences

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Oil and Gas

Implement smart solutions for safer and more efficient remote operations

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Overcome staffing shortages by automating and simplifying manual processes

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What our enterprise customers love about Kissflow

Puma Energy

“[With Kissflow,] you are able to utilize the business language, which is actually English or Spanish to code. You don't need to learn how to do this on .net or C++ anymore.”

Tanay Tiwary
Global Head of Digitization and Business Improvement
United Motors Group

“Being a retail organization, customer experience is extremely important to us. And we need to be equipped internally to be productive and deliver high results. This is where Kissflow has helped us.”

Muhammad Junaid Budhani
Group Head of Information Technology

The beauty of Kissflow is how quick and easy it is to create the apps I need. It's so user-friendly that I made exactly what I needed in 30 minutes

Oliver Umehara
IT Manager

Scale your European enterprise with Kissflow’s low-code platform

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Start Building Apps

Design intuitive, feature-rich apps with ease using Kissflow.


Turbocharge your development process 10x

Cut time to market dramatically with our agile, rapid cycles.


Streamline management and maintenance

Easily manage and update apps with streamlined controls.


Scale and adapt conveniently

Quickly respond to business changes with unmatched flexibility.

An enterprise low-code platform tailored
for multiple personas


For IT Leaders

Take charge of your app development process and reduce IT backlogs using a low-code platform. Kissflow enables rapid deployment, allowing IT leaders to efficiently clear backlogs and focus on innovation. By streamlining workflows and automating routine tasks, Kissflow empowers IT teams to allocate resources more effectively, ultimately enhancing productivity and driving strategic initiatives within the organizations.


Digital Transformation Experts

Empower citizen development with Kissflow's no-code platform, enabling process owners to automate workflows. Kissflow uniquely combines self-service development for process owners with centralized governance by IT teams, ensuring efficient digital transformation. By allowing process owners to create and manage their own apps, Kissflow accelerates workflow automation, reduces dependency on IT, and fosters innovation.

Ready-to-use business apps built just for you

Streamline processes without creating apps from scratch
Explore More Apps
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Performance Management System

Measure, analyze and improve employee performance and productivity towards your organizational goals

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Bug Tracking System

Effectively prioritize and manage software bugs using Kissflow's bug tracking app

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IT Asset Management System

Track and manage your organization's IT assets throughout their lifecycle for efficient usage.

Lead the European market with Kissflow's enterprise low-code solutions