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The Kissflow team met our expectations and helped make the transition smooth. The support personnel has been very helpful and always available when needed to help us to fix issues.

Nicholas Githinji-1

Nicholas Githinji

Project Manager

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One of our Finance Leads said, ‘This is so easy, even my mom could do this. It was extremely intuitive and straightforward.’ The watermark was, 'I don't need to call IT to do this. I can do it myself.


Renee Villarreal

Senior Director of IT

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The beauty of Kissflow is how quick and easy it is to create the apps I need. It's so user-friendly that I made exactly what I needed in 30 minutes.The drag-and-drop part of designing workflows is amazing.

oliver umehara

Oliver Umehara

IT Manager


Integrate Kissflow with core systems to reach new heights

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Saudi Arabia
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United Motors Group

United Motors Group (UMG) is one of the largest companies in the Saudi automotive market, employing over 600 highly trained and experienced staff across 35 branches. UMG is the largest distributor for Chrysler in the Middle East. They have consistently won many awards, such as "Top Cars and Parts Sales Volume"​ for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep in the Middle East.


Muhammad Junaid Budhani

Group Head of Information Technology

“Being a retail organization, customer experience is extremely important to us. And we need to be equipped internally to be productive and deliver high results. This is where Kissflow has helped us.”


Challenges faced

  • Manual data entry. Employees, particularly from procurement, had to manually enter customer data purchase order requests. This caused delays and errors.

  • Tracking requests. The procurement department struggled to track purchase orders as they were paper-based.

  • Fragmented systems. UMG had disjointed systems that caused a lot of duplication of work and made it difficult to track information.


Prior to implementing Kissflow, United Motors Group (UMG) relied on manual processes to handle purchase requests. The procurement team had the arduous task of manually inputting information for 150-200 purchase requests every week. This manual approach proved taxing and error-prone. Additionally, approval steps were often overlooked due to a lack of visibility for other stakeholders and approving authorities into the requests.

UMG tried to address these problems by integrating Kissflow with their ERP tool, bringing order to their chaos. 

United Motors Group (UMG) found Kissflow while looking for a low-code/no-code workflow automation tool to help them digitally transform their organization. 

When asked about his positive impressions of Kissflow, Junaid highlighted the tool's indispensable features, including the ability to create new workflows with ease, a user-friendly interface, and enhanced visibility into daily operations. He emphasized that when United Motors Group made the decision to replace most of its legacy solutions with an ERP system, Kissflow was the only product they were adamant about retaining. Junaid went on to explain how Kissflow played a pivotal role in streamlining Vendor Management and the entire procurement process, underscoring its value in optimizing these crucial operations.

In the streamlined process, an employee-initiated a request that was then sent to the department manager for approval. Subsequently, the request was routed to the Procurement department, where quotations were incorporated before being forwarded to Finance for approval. Upon completion of the process, the information was automatically updated in real-time on the ERP system. Remarkably, despite involving numerous stakeholders, Kissflow's efficient handling of the requests ensured that the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were maintained at impressively short timeframes.

Some of the other processes they streamlined using Kissflow were: 

  • Commissions

  • Sales incentives

  • Employee onboarding

  • Employee support requests

  • Payments

  • Buyer Registration

Junaid added that Kissflow played a crucial role in encouraging employees to adopt technology and leverage it to enhance productivity. Although significant changes like transitioning from paper-based processes to technology might have initially sparked some resistance during the change management phase, employees swiftly recognized the value of Kissflow, especially during the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. Once they experienced the benefits firsthand, there was no looking back, and the adoption of Kissflow became a seamless and valued part of their workflow.

Thanks to Kissflow, UMG accomplished a significant milestone by digitizing and automating 90 percent of its processes, marking a major achievement for the organization. When asked about UMG's big goals, Junaid emphasized that, as an Automotive organization, delivering an exceptional customer experience was of utmost importance. To achieve this, UMG recognized the importance of equipping its internal operations to be highly productive and efficient. In this pursuit, Kissflow played a pivotal role, enabling UMG to streamline processes and enhance productivity, ultimately contributing to the organization's ability to deliver top-notch results and ensure an outstanding customer experience.


United Motors Group could achieve the following significant results using Kissflow:

  • Digitized 90% of the manual processes

  • Processed 150-200 purchase requests per week

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased visibility and accountability

UMG is excited about leveraging Kissflow’s low-code application builder to build its own applications and achieve operational excellence.

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