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Orchestrate your enterprise workflows from start to end

Discover the transformative capabilities of enterprise workflow management to enhance your business operations
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Why is workflow management software a
worthy investment for enterprises?

For those seeking an investment that promises holistic transformation, enterprise workflow management software is the compass that points to operational excellence, cost-efficiency, and smooth collaboration. Here's why you should invest:

Get holistic workflow visibility

Get rid of shadow or duplicate tasks by setting transparent processes and clear responsibilities


Optimize cost for a better ROI

Identify and eliminate redundancies and wasteful practices, resulting in significant cost reductions


Maximize resources for future growth

Help your team to achieve more while judiciously using the same resources for strategic initiatives


Enable teams for collaborative success

Break down department silos and harmonize team efforts while making quick project delivery a reality

Features that make enterprise workflow management a breeze

Kissflow is the leader in enterprise workflow management and has the perfect blend of features that makes simple to complex workflow creation and management easier
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Rentokil's journey from lagging to

leading workflows

Rentokil Initial is one of the largest business service companies,

with over 25,000 employees in over 60 countries.
Challenges faced
Rentokil handles ad hoc processes frequently, and some things fell through the cracks.
  • Challenge Chaotic and lagging workflows
  • Challenge Difficulties in tracking the requests
  • Challenge Decreased employee productivity
Rentokil sought a simple solution to eliminate chaos and chose Kissflow, which hit the sweet spot.
  • Solution Automate processes without IT’s help
  • Solution Gain complete visibility into processes
  • Solution Get ad-hoc reports at the drop of a hat

The highest-rated enterprise
workflow management software

G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business software review service, identified Kissflow as a leader in the Workflow Management Software category

Why leading companies choose Kissflow

  • Process routing
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    No-code app development
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    Real-time monitoring
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    Custom workflow design
  • tick-pink
    Dashboard for all workflows
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Common enterprise
workflows to get started

Whether it's employee onboarding, procurement, or leave approval, Kissflow offers a wide array of pre-built workflows to kickstart your automation journey.
Explore Templates


• Service Request

• Change Management



• Purchase Request

• Payable & Receivable



• Promotion Requests

• Salary Advance Request



• Travel Request

• Corporate Gift Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Every department and team has certain standard processes and workflows to follow. Enterprise workflow management is a strategic approach to map out, execute, integrate, enhance, and ultimately automate these workflows.
Enterprise workflow management with Kissflow focuses on simplifying, creating, managing, and automating organizational workflows. Kissflow provides a user-friendly interface that doesn't require coding skills, making it accessible to users across various departments. It aims to streamline and optimize workflows, leading to enhanced business operations.
Kissflow eliminates shadow or duplicate tasks by ensuring transparency in workflows. It defines clear responsibilities and processes, leaving no room for ambiguity. With a well-structured workflow in Kissflow, every task has a designated owner. This transparency streamlines the flow of work, reduces confusion, and results in more efficient and error-free processes.
The dynamic task management feature in Kissflow automatically assigns tasks to the most suitable team members based on predefined rules. The right individuals handle specific tasks, preventing delays and improving task completion efficiency. Organizations meet SLAs by optimizing task allocation while enhancing overall workflow performance.
Yes, Kissflow is designed to seamlessly integrate with various APIs and handy tools that allow for the sharing of tasks and data merging. The platform works cohesively with your existing software ecosystem, enhancing connectivity and streamlining processes across your organization.

Experience effortless end-to-end workflow management with Kissflow