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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your BPM Online Tool

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Mar 2024 2 min read

You’ve just logged into the BPM online tool of your choice, and you’re ready to start digitizing everything. But where do you start? And how do you make sure that you are making the most of your BPM online tool? Is there a definite cycle or methodology you can use to ensure that your automations are being implemented as required?

Using the process design method, you can create any workflow for your organization, helping you take your BPM online.

Process design method for BPM online tools

bpm online - process steps


In the design phase, you can start planning and seeing which of your processes can effectively be translated digitally when you take your BPM online. In this phase, you make designs for your processes to see how the physical process is translated digitally.

The design phase is where you work with your teammates to see what works and what doesn’t. In addition, you’ll also work to see if there’s anything that your team needs from the process that they aren’t currently getting, since they’re the ones that are actually going to be working on this tool. In this phase, let your team try out any implementation they like to see if it will work.

The best part about having BPM online is that you can make design changes on the fly, without having to worry about cost or budget constraints.


In the execute phase, you work to develop the process that you initially designed through your BPM online software.

Once development is done, you’ll want to test it to see if there are any bugs and if the implementation is going as designed. With a few tweaks and fixes, you should have a complete process that you can roll out to your office.

The key to the execute phase is communication. Make sure everyone knows ahead of time what the new process will look like, what they should expect, when it is starting, and how to report and bugs or suggestions. Everyone should be excited about the new process and how to improve it.


The management phase is where you periodically do maintenance for any bugs that you find during live runtime, as well as updates that may be required as your office scales up its operations.

You can also collect data and information about how the process is being used, so that you can get valid metrics on if and how the process is improving productivity and efficiency in the office. Using these metrics, you can suggest new additions or improvements to the workflow using your BPM online software.

You can also get user specific metrics to see how each and every user of the process is participating in the BPM online process, and see if there’s any improvements or tweaks that need to be done. All of this data can be collected and sent back to your colleagues to suggest any improvements.


The beauty of a BPM online tool is that you don’t need to go to the IT department each and every time you want to improve or develop something.

In the optimize phase, you can work on improvements yourself, or with the vendor of your choice, without having to go to the IT department (who may already be backed up with requests themselves), and perform the necessary changes.
If the business process management online tool you are using requires coding, you can try to make the changes yourself. Otherwise, you can ask your BPM online vendor to help you with it. The best online BPM tools come with low code or no code development features, so that you don’t even need to know how to code it in.


BPM online tools are great if you’re looking for process improvement in the office without needing to rush back to the IT department each and every time. Tools like Kissflow Process can help you take that a step further, since they offer a no-code experience, where you can develop your own processes without even requiring coding aptitude.

Chart out your requirements for a BPM tool, and see which tool fits your office the best. Once you’ve found that out, you can start searching for an online BPM tool that fits you.