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Differences between traditional and modern app development

Companies leveraging low-code development build apps 56 percent faster than those using traditional methods. Experts have also proven that low-code platforms make software development 10x faster than traditional methods.

Traditional app development
Modern app development

Skill Set

Requires technical expertise

Needs expert knowledge in programming languages like Python, Java, and C++.

No advanced coding skills needed

Even non-developers and non-technical users can create apps without the use of any code.



Building apps from scratch takes a very long time. Typically takes months for an app to go live.


Drag-and-drop interface with pre-coded blocks allows users to build and launch apps within days.



With a monolithic codebase, scaling after deployment becomes a huge task.

Simple and Easy

A modular and highly scalable codebase allows users to iterate or update easily.



Integration with other apps requires complex scripting and testing of compatible code.


Smart integration tools and APIs enable fast and seamless integrations with almost all other systems.


High risk

Ensuring security and privacy is complicated, with complex codes to build and update defences.

Low risk

Built-in security features automatically update threat assessments, user controls, and other security protection.



Various fees and expenses pile up, including infrastructure investment, developer fees, and maintenance costs. 


No investment needed for infrastructure. No developer and maintenance fees. Cost-effective pricing plans are based on actual needs.

Traditional app development drawbacks

Traditional development approaches give developers the greatest degree of control and flexibility in building apps. However, it has several drawbacks.

Long development time

Coding from scratch takes a very long time. Even expert developers need months to build and launch an app, manually tweaking lines and lines of code until all necessary functionalities are in place.

Complex coding

Traditional development requires expertise in programming languages. With only those with specialized skills capable of complex coding, developing new apps is often delayed.

Higher cost of development

Traditional app development requires a team of designers, developers, and programmers. It also needs infrastructure and maintenance. All these add up to significant amounts that impact business.

Why choose modern application development

Modern apps are the future. Accelerate your digital transformation with the latest technologies and best practices in app development. Choose modern application development to enjoy:

Faster time-to-market

Build and deploy custom apps within days or even just a few hours.

Cost-effective development

Reduce costs by minimizing the need for heavy IT resources and maintenance expenses. 

Increased reliability and security

Keep data secure with built-in controls and frameworks for security and governance.

Improved agility and scalability

Iterate and scale easily without the need for complex codes.

Higher productivity

Empower business users to create the apps they need.

Faster response to consumer needs

Ensure satisfaction with the timely deployment of apps that enhance consumer engagement.

How low-code/no-code steers modern app development

With low-code/no-code solutions, practically anyone can build custom apps with the exact functionalities they need for automating and streamlining workflows and services.

Guided scripting for non-developers

Ready-to-use code snippets and drag-and-drop widgets let users create apps without advanced coding knowledge.

Effective security and governance

Security is easier to manage with frameworks, mechanisms, and controls for authentication, security, and governance in one platform.

Enterprise application integration

Custom apps can be built with tools that enable fast and easy integrations with existing internal and external systems.

All these features and more are in the Kissflow Platform. Whatever your business size and industry, Kissflow offers you a modern app development platform that can accelerate your digital growth.

How to choose the right application development platform

When choosing between traditional and modern application development platforms, evaluate your needs, goals, and the resources you currently have.

Choose traditional development approaches if…

  • You want complete control over codes and structure.

  • You have an elite team of IT experts capable of delivering app solutions.

  • You have ample resources, including infrastructure, equipment, and tech talent.

Choose modern app development if…

  • You need to deploy custom apps fast.

  • You have limited IT resources.

  • You want cost-efficient app development.

  • You want to empower business users.

  • You want to accelerate your digital transformation.

Modernize app development now for a sustainable future

Streamline workflows and deploy timely solutions that address immediate concerns. Implement modern application development with low-code/no-code solutions to empower business users and accelerate business growth.

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