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Best Application Development Tools in 2024

Team Kissflow

Updated on 8 Apr 2024 3 min read

 Application development tools are specialized solutions for novice or expert developers to design, build, test, deploy, and optimize their apps efficiently. Depending on the tool and the type of app, you may need zero, minimal, or advanced coding knowledge and experience.

They have simple interfaces to automate, simplify and quicken the app-building process. This enables users to enhance app quality and performance and work from multiple devices and locations without transferring files or installing any software.

Why you need an app development tool

By 2027, the app development sector revenue will reach USD 218.80 billion, with the most revenue generated in the United States. The Asia-Pacific region has the highest-growing app development market worldwide, at 46 percent. These tools can help organizations:

Increase efficiency 

Low-code application development automates processes, which minimizes the resources spent creating and testing apps. It also reduces human-related errors, centralizes data, and provides insightful, real-time reports, which help businesses focus on core operations. 

Build custom apps

The best app development tools offer integrations, development frameworks, and plug-ins with third-party services, making building flexible, custom apps that meet business requirements easier. Your apps can scale as the business grows and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. 

Save time 

A visual IDE with pre-built templates, reusable code, and drag-and-drop elements shortens the app development life cycle, helping companies deploy apps faster. Also, online app development tools with APIs help users simultaneously build apps for multiple devices and operating systems. 

Reduce development costs

Top app development tools have simplified architecture, lower user requirements, and minimal maintenance, helping businesses build custom apps within their budgets. Online app development services also eliminate the need for developing infrastructure and subscription fees, reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Transform your development process with an app development tool.

Best app development tools based on the type

Some of the best application development tools for enterprise business are as follows.

1. Web app development tools

These tools often require some programming knowledge to write code for apps. They help developers streamline web app development and produce more functional, easy-to-use web apps.

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2. Rapid app development (RAD) tools

RAD tools allow users to create apps without writing code. They’re a quick and inexpensive way to build essential apps that function well.

3. Low-code/no-code tools

LCAP platform helps non-IT professionals build and launch custom, user-friendly apps faster with little to no coding knowledge. These cloud-based tools increase development efficiency and boost productivity. 

4. Traditional tools

These tools require knowledge of specific coding languages such as Java, HTML, and Python to produce apps. It’s for more skilled developers trained in programming. 

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Choosing Your App Development Stack: A 11-Point Checklist

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How to select the right app development tool?


Pick simple tools for application development with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Evaluate how well the tool functions and whether both IT developers and business teams can use it effectively.


Security features like application firewalls, cross-site scripting (XSS) management, and security audits protect your apps from malware and cyber-attacks. Also, secure app development frameworks with built-in security controls and governance protect your data across multiple platforms.

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Application development tools come in various price ranges, so work within your budget. While some tools require a once-off fee, others may need a monthly or yearly subscription. Avoid additional costs, ensure you get value for money, and choose predictable pricing options.

User expertise

Selecting your app development app tool requires knowledge of who the users are. Some application development platforms offer a codeless experience, others minimal coding, and some require users to write code. Examine what expertise your team needs and what professional services or training the product offers.

Type of applications

Consider the type of apps you’ll build before picking the tools to build them. The best app for app development tool should meet organizational requirements, helping you produce and easily upgrade custom and dependable apps based on user feedback and evolving requirements. 

Platform Feature Support

Many app development tools work on various platforms, using cross-platform development frameworks that streamline data integration between systems. Ensure your tool provides sufficient support for all the device types you’ll deploy the app to and helps you handle data better.

Don’t know how to code? You can still build apps without depending on IT.

Why Kissflow for application development

Kissflow is the top app development tool for diverse reasons. It's built to simplify app development for IT developers and citizen developers and enhance collaboration between business teams and IT. Some of the features include:

  • A unified cloud platform with a graphic, user-friendly dashboard
  • An application builder with pre-built apps
  • Multiple external integrations and third-party plugins or add-ons
  • Custom intuitive user interface with easy-to-navigate pages
  • Simple navigation menu with drag-and-drop controls
  • A developer sandbox to optimize application design
  • Advanced analytics and custom reports for more actionable insights
  • Relevant, real-time, smart notifications
  • Intelligent Media and content-rich form builders and widgets to build pages with ease
  • Visual workflow design to automate workflows, and create and modify apps faster.

Start building your own apps with Kissflow