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The Best Enterprise Low-code Platform

Team Kissflow

Updated on 17 Apr 2024 3 min read

Unleash your business operations’ fullest potential with the ultimate low-code platform.

Build faster and better with Kissflow low-code enterprise platform

Kissflow lets you design fully-functional, low-code enterprise-grade apps to handle different workflows and optimize your internal processes. Save time on development and reduce developer costs by leveraging Kissflow’s low-code enterprise solution.

Intuitive app builder

Build apps from scratch using simple drag-and-drop or make use of pre-built templates to cut development time.

Custom UI

Create customized pages with forms and set user permissions based on specific roles for different members of your development team.

Development tools

Accelerate development and optimize your app design process by testing your app, identifying bugs, and managing app releases.

Vast integrations

Launch feature-rich applications by leveraging integrations with the most popular platforms that help you get the most out of your app.

Capabilities of Kissflow low-code no-code platform

Unified development console

Build, test, deploy, and manage your enterprise-grade low-code applications in a unified console.

Collaborate seamlessly

Enable your IT and business teams to collaborate and work seamlessly on app development projects.

Digital process automation

Create smart digital workflows to automate critical day-to-day processes across your organization.

Case management

Handle service requests, assign tasks, manage incidents, and track the status of reported incidents.

One-click DevOps

Push new versions of your apps into production and continually improve them in a single click.

How low-code platforms uplift your enterprise business

The rapid application development capability that low-code platforms offer can help enterprise organization reach their full potential faster and more effectively.

Some of the advantages of low-code platforms for businesses include:

Build faster

The pre-built templates and drag-and-drop interface that low-code platforms offer allow you to create simple applications in minutes.

Democratize app development

With the power of low-code, you can supercharge your citizen development initiative, allowing business users to build the apps they need.

Cost optimization

Implementing a low-code solution will save you time on app development, utilize resources effectively, and reduces cost in the long run.

Enhanced scalability

With low-code platforms, you can add new features and extend your app capabilities in just a few clicks without worrying about the code base.

Achieve 10X ROI from low-code platforms

The ROI rewards of using low-code platforms for development are many folds. Maximizing the productivity of your dev teams and reducing development time can fetch ROI in the following ways.

Reduced IT spendings

The traditional app development process is slow and expensive. Low-code platforms help prevent an excessive labor pool by empowering business leaders to create the apps themselves. This cuts-short development time and budget significantly, leading to faster deployment of apps.

Cut IT recruitments

The IT teams may not always have time or an effective way to handle business requirements. Low-code platforms can promote citizen development, allowing business users to build fully-functional apps without hiring expensive software developers, AI experts, and other technical specialists.

Digital transformation progress

Every organization is in the process of digital transformation and the adoption of low-code solutions is a great digital leap forward. With low-code platforms, business users can focus on app development, while IT leaders can plan for strategies to drive their organization digitally.

Increased collaboration

Most organizations get stranded in the chaos of never-ending business requirements and IT backlogs. Low-code platforms help build a collaborative culture between business users and IT teams, promoting a sustainable work environment.

Who can build on Kissflow low-code?

Professional developers

Kissflow’s low-code platform offers a dedicated IDE and development toolbox to build apps quickly. The platform extends app capabilities with custom codes and advanced integrations allowing professional developers to create the right apps.

Citizen developers

Kissflow low-code empowers business users to build fully-functional apps under the supervision of IT in a simplified development environment. The platform nurtures citizen developers to launch apps based on their needs with pre-built templates.

Use cases for our enterprise low-code platform

Low-code platforms cover a wide range of use cases that can be used to build different business process applications for various industries. Some of the common use cases include:

Workflow management

Build custom workflows to handle simple and complex processes from start to end.

Process automation

Automate manual day-to-day processes and streamline information flow across your organization

Project management

Track and manage projects seamlessly with simple no-code systems.

Citizen development

Empower business users to build functional enterprise apps to solve different operational issues.