Digital Transformation

Key Digital Transformation Drivers for Your Organization


Discovering the catalysts to digital transformation—the factors that push the DT needle forward.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, more businesses are implementing digital transformation to boost operational efficiency, modernize their work culture, streamline business operations, and remain competitive. 

Companies are investing heavily in technology and training their staff to achieve their digital transformation goals. A recent study suggests that over 44% of organizations have already placed digitization at the forefront of business requirements.

But, what are the key drivers of digital transformation for organizations today?

7 Key Drivers of Digital Transformation

Customer Expectations

According to Statista, globally, customer demand (26%) is a major reason for organizational transformation. Customers are also demanding faster service, and prefer doing business with companies that personalize their experience. 

Digital Disruption

A study by Silicon Republic states that out of 87% of companies that expect digital disruption in their industry, only 44% are prepared. If legacy companies want to avoid becoming ‘digital prey,’ they must make digital transformation a high priority. 

Digital Natives

In a recent article, Forbes stated that 85% of organization decision-makers believe they have a two-year timeframe to make advances in digital transformation or risk suffering financially. Companies are facing a difficult choice: to swim or sink. 

Cost Control 

Investing in digital tools and resources can generate significant savings and drive continued growth. Going digital reduces costs by automating manual, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks. It also removes the inefficiencies that drain resources. 

A Younger Workforce

In any organization, employees matter just as much as customers. 40% of millennials require the flexibility of a digital workspace (IT Nation). Attracting and retaining talent hinges on creating a great (now hybrid) workplace experience.

Emerging Technologies 

Identifying and adopting the right technology to suit your organization’s requirements is key to creating an effective digital transformation strategy. Contrary to popular belief, digitizing can be used to upskill your employees and help them thrive in a highly digital world. 

Identifying Digital Transformation Drivers

Digital transformation is an essential business strategy, not a choice. The journey to digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight–it requires a complete organizational culture change, updated technology, a clear vision and path. Identifying your digital transformation drivers: 

  • Empowers you to set clear, more focused, and attainable goals 
  • Brings clarity to your transformation journey 
  • Helps you identify the best technologies that suit the way you work
  • Provides more accurate insights to enhance customer engagement
  • Increases collaboration within the organizations
  • Helps you offer a more personalized customer experience
  • Builds bridges between business and IT, allowing for continuous improvement
  • Leads to higher employee innovation and productivity

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