5 Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation

Pillar #1

Digital Integration

Converging your business behavior with digital technology is the first step towards attaining DX. It creates a butterfly effect to make your business transformation truly disruptive.
Pillar #2

Agile Processes

In today’s age of big data processes, businesses should level up to an intelligent BPM (iBPM) tool to create a dynamic technology environment and value-added knowledge work.

At its heart, digital transformation is business transformation.

Pillar #3

Leadership and Culture

88% of Fortune 500 companies in 1955 no longer exist today because they failed to keep up with the digital pace. DX can’t succeed without leaders who are willing to change.
Pillar #4

Workforce Readiness

The value of leaping towards DX is short-lived if the human factors are ignored. Similarly, it is also important for a business to have a continuous innovation culture to match their goals.
Pillar #5

Customer Experience

Integrating smart tools, taking an omnichannel approach, and personalizing customer experiences are some of the ways that businesses can use to make the journey of their DX fruitful.

Digital transformation is the equivalent of climate change in the global business landscape that you just can’t ignore.


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