The Ultimate Cloud-Based Purchase Order Tool

A DIY workflow tool that fits your procurement process like a glove

Build a Robust Purchase Order Tool That Grows With You

Is your purchase order process out of control? Use Kissflow to create a custom purchase order tool that works in sync with your team.

Use a pre-built template, or build a brand new purchase order tool from scratch without coding


Make the process your own with easy drag and drop forms and advanced Kissflow features. Add formulas, conditions, exceptions, etc.


Reduce chaos and endless email threads by distributing the purchase order tool to your entire organization


Enable seamless data exchange across systems to make all your procurement apps work together


Monitor the status of your purchase orders in one place to quickly identify bottlenecks

See How Automation Streamlines Purchase Orders

These numbers prove that an automated purchase order tool might be exactly what you need to create an airtight business case for stepping up to the next level.


Rise in Employee Productivity


Reduction in Processing Time


Decrease in Operating Expenses

Must-Have Features of a Modern Purchase Order Tool

See how Kissflow’s out-of-the-box features can help you with purchase order management and spend controls
Conditional Workflows
Conditional Workflows

Define the process flow of decisions and actions using conditional workflows

Role-Based Access
Role-Based Access

Delegate tasks effortlessly by establishing user permissions according to roles

Real-Time Reminders
Real-Time Reminders

Keep stakeholders updated with a live stream of reminders about PO process

Automated Matching
Automated Matching

Enable 2- or 3-way auto PO matching with related invoices and purchase requests

One-Click Reporting
One-Click Reporting

Customize or build a report from ground up using our easy-to-use report wizard

How Kissflow Purchase Order App Cuts Across Industries

Everything You Need in One Purchase Order Tool

Simplifying purchase orders for 10,000+ companies.