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IT Asset Management System

Streamline requests with an IT asset management app that blends tracking and operations for efficiency






IT & Administration


​Managing IT assets can be a hassle, but Kissflow's IT Asset Management app simplifies the process. It keeps track of all your organization's IT assets, making it easy to assign them to employees and handle requests for new assets. No more dealing with manual record-keeping – the app streamlines operations for IT administrators, new hires, and existing employees. By automating these tasks, the app enhances operational efficiency and ensures that organizations can effectively manage and optimize their IT resources.​


  • Asset Requests and Returns: This module facilitates the seamless process of employees requesting new assets and returning existing ones, ensuring a smooth flow in managing organizational resources.

  • Asset Complaints: Employees can raise complaints about IT assets, ensuring a responsive system for resolving concerns and maintaining optimal functionality.

  • Asset Disposal: Streamlining the end-of-life cycle, this module handles the proper disposal of assets, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining security standards during decommissioning.

  • Asset Inventory: Maintain a detailed record of all organizational IT assets, enabling efficient tracking, monitoring, and management of the complete inventory.

  • Asset Approvals and Team Assets Tracking: This module manages the approval process for asset requests and tracks assets assigned to specific teams, ensuring accountability and transparency in the allocation and usage of resources.

  • Reports: The Reports module generates detailed analytics and summaries, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of asset management trends, usage patterns, and potential areas for improvement.

Other features

  • QR Code generation for assets

  • Asset usage reports

  • Software Renewal insights

  • Asset Loss complaints and closure


1. Click the Enquire button on the app tile or landing page.

2. Fill in the details of the features you want and your team’s size on the enquiry form.

3. Click Submit.

Kissflow’s support team will contact you to learn more about your requirements.

Kissflow appstore
IT Asset Management System
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