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Building apps using low-code functionalities is a cakewalk, requiring minimal training and coding knowledge. The solution follows a visual app-building approach that empowers anyone to build simple to complex apps without employing developers.

Install fully functional pre-built low-code apps to instantly automate and digitize your internal operations. Download apps to streamline your work without having to build from scratch.
Pre-built Low-Code Apps
Pre-built Low-Code Apps
Pre-Built Low-Code Apps
Pre-built Low-Code Apps
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ESG Operation Management

Drive sustainability with an ESG management app that merges ethical practices and strategic insights





IT & Administration


Environmental, Social, and Governance is a framework used to evaluate a company's operations' sustainability and ethical impact. 

  • Environmental factors include the carbon footprint, resource usage, and approach to conservation.

  • Social factors encompass an organization’s treatment of its employees, customers, and communities. This includes diversity and inclusion, labor practices, and community engagement.

  • Governance factors focus on internal policies and practices, including leadership structure, transparency, and adherence to ethical standards.

Investors, organizations, and stakeholders use the ESG framework to assess an organization's sustainability and responsible business practices.

  • Material Assessment

    • Identify and record relevant policies, goals and disclosures most critical to your organization.

  • Goal Management

    • Manage metrics, departments, and locations with target assignment and tasks, budgeting, and action planning.

  • Risk Management

    • Track and manage risks that arise out of ESG initiatives and projects.

  • Auditing

    • Record your organization's environmental, social, and governance risks for external audit.

  • Repositories

    •  Maintain a repository of policies and documentation on ESG for easy access.

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ESG Operation Management
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