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Building apps using low-code functionalities is a cakewalk, requiring minimal training and coding knowledge. The solution follows a visual app-building approach that empowers anyone to build simple to complex apps without employing developers.

Install fully functional pre-built low-code apps to instantly automate and digitize your internal operations. Download apps to streamline your work without having to build from scratch.
Pre-Built Low-Code Apps
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Field agents have a lot of updates to share, no matter where they are. A lack of connectivity often interrupts the seamless information flow between field agents and decision-makers.

With the Kissflow Offline Forms app, field agents and frontline workers can quickly complete their updates and save changes offline. Once their connectivity is restored, these changes will automatically be synced and reflected on the platform. You can easily customize this app to suit your organization’s needs.

Kissflow offline forms leverage IndexedDB, a low-level API for client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data, to ensure robust offline capabilities. 

When users interact with forms, data is stored locally in IndexedDB, allowing them to complete and save forms without an internet connection. This data is then synchronized with the server once connectivity is reestablished. 

The implementation ensures compatibility across major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, ensuring broad accessibility. The use of IndexedDB facilitates efficient storage and retrieval operations, contributing to a seamless offline user experience.

1. Click the Enquire button found on the app tile or the app landing page.
2. An enquiry form appears. Next, fill in the details of the features you want and your team’s size in the enquiry form.
3. Click Submit.

Kissflow’s support team will contact you to know more about your requirements.

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Offline Forms
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