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Take control of your purchase order process with our simple and customizable purchase order software.

What makes an ideal purchase order software?

Here is a list of non-negotiable functionalities that your ideal purchase order software must have

On-the-go accessibility

Store POs on a cloud database to access from anywhere, any time

Automated reminders

Help stakeholders stay on track and ensure deadline adherence

Pre-built PO templates

Automate PO lifecycle with pre-designed app templates and forms

Quick decision-making

Speed up decision making with visual-rich reports and dashboard

Powerful plugins

Connect Kissflow with over 1,000 business apps instantly through Zapier

purchase order po software

Eliminate the long and winding paper trail

Stop making endless copies of purchase orders and chasing down stakeholders. You can eliminate headaches associated with your paper-based purchase order management once and for all using automation.

Access purchase orders instantly from a centralized location, route them electronically for approval/review, and trigger automated email notifications.

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Get real-time status of purchase orders

Quit skimming through endless email threads and ever-growing spreadsheets to know the status of your purchase orders. Automate your purchase orders to check the real-time status of your POs.

View audit trails of a PO, including complete user logs and approval history with all the connected comments at the click of a button.


Why choose Kissflow as your purchase order software?

Implement a purchase order software system without sacrificing policy compliance or product functionality.
Eliminates paperwork

Online forms and digital checklists remove paperwork from the PO process

Reduces manual labor

Pre-defined rules and automated workflow reduce routine admin tasks

Decreases errors

Automation keeps the PO process consistent, accurate, and error-free

Ensures transparency

Audit trails keep the PO process transparent, secure, and tamper-proof

Lowers admin costs

Cut down costs by eliminating paperwork, spreadsheet, and menial tasks

Bridges process gaps

Custom workflows to patch up process bottlenecks and human dependency

Our customers ❤ Kissflow Procurement Cloud

Ellipse 42

Kissflow Procurement Cloud helped us fully automate our PO process, improving the overall efficiency.

Mohamed Shifan,
Nana Direct

Purchase approvals are so much easier with Kissflow. We’ve gone from two days to a few hours. It’s fantastic!

Arvada Fire

We eliminated all of the paper forms and hard copies. Our purchase order process is a lot faster as people don’t wait around for approvals.

Quinn Campbell,
Illumivation Studio

Reliable Purchase Order
Solutions for Companies
on a Global Scale


Reliable Purchase Order
Solutions for Companies
on a Global Scale


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Purchase Order Software FAQs

Purchase Order Software (PO Software)

Purchase order software also known as PO Software enables companies to buy and pay for goods digitally by integrating all steps involved in generating a purchase order. Using it, purchase orders are automatically created, approved, and sent to suppliers, and all purchase-related documents are securely stored. This software simplifies the ordering process by giving you easy template options for creating your purchase order. Simply enter the item, quantity, and price information, and it will send the PO to your supplier.

How does Purchase Order Software Work?

With purchase order software, all your purchase information is in one place, reducing time spent confirming, validating, and managing purchase details. Using purchase order software, crucial information can be added beyond what is already provided to the supplier or vendor, resulting in accurate documentation of what has been requested or ordered. As you work on large projects, purchase order software can help you budget.

What are the Major Types of Purchase Order Software?

There are two major types of PO software - one that handles direct procurement and another for indirect procurement.

A direct procurement process involves purchasing the products, supplies, goods, and services necessary to run your business. You acquire those essential products and services directly, with a little processing, so that they reach your end customers.

The indirect procurement process involves acquiring non-essential products and services that support a business' operations. They include office supplies, stationery, decorations, and so on. While they don't reach the end customers, Indirect supplies remain important for your business.