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Create a fully automated purchase order software system without sacrificing policy compliance or product functionality


Start with a pre-built app, or build a brand-new purchase order app from the ground up


Customize workflows, policies, roles, and permissions to fit your unique business needs


Launch the app within your organization and see multiple approvers collaborate effortlessly


Connect seamlessly with internal and external data sources to reduce manual intervention


Monitor, prioritize, and process purchase orders with 360° visibility and a complete audit trail

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See how a cloud-based purchase order software can deliver the power to speed up your purchase order processing
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90% – Raise in worker productivity

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Features That Automate Your PO Process

Automate and track all your purchase order approvals with a cloud-based purchase order software

Rapid PO Matching

Match POs with corresponding invoices and purchase requests

Cost-Cutter for Business

Automate PO process and streamline it to save time and cost

Actionable Insights

Obtain insights instantly to arrive at data-driven decisions


Real-time Tracking

Track purchase orders real-time without emails or spreadsheets

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Kissflow quickened our approval process by eliminating paper forms


Kissflow shortened our purchase approvals from two days to a few hours!


Kissflow is incredibly flexible and user-friendly. It shortened our PO cycle by 75%.


Kissflow enables us to see who is requesting what and


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