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The Top 8 Human Resource Processes You Should Automate

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Apr 2024 5 min read

HR professionals know it better than anyone else–the work is never done. Every day, there’s a new round of recruiting, onboarding, hiring, appraisals, workshops, and an endless list of other HR processes. From the moment you reach the office to the end of the last phone call or meeting, every second matters.

That’s why HR automation is such an important topic. When you automate your HR processes, you look at the entire HR workflow from start to finish, then identify where humans need to act and where a system can do a better job.

For example, when you think of the talent management and the limited time they have, it’s a waste to see them copy/paste data from paper forms or emails in and out of your employee information database. Once this task is pulled out and automated, you not only have the comfort of knowing that time wasn’t wasted, but the system will do it perfectly every time.

Human Resource Process Automation

HR processes that you can automate using Kissflow HR Cloud

A lot of Kissflow customers use our HR cloud to automate their HR processes.

Here are the most popular ones.

1. Leave requests

By far, the most popular automated Human Resources processes in Kissflow HR Cloud is the leave request, or paid time off (PTO) request. In fact, 1 in every 2 HR departments that we talked with found this to be one of the most useful processes.

Vacation requests take an inordinate amount of time when done manually. Someone must find a paper form or send an email which will undoubtedly have some errors on the first submission. After approval from a manager, it must also be cleared by HR and finance, who might discover that the employee does not have enough days to take off.

An automated leave request means that the employee can start with a form that automatically shows the number of days available to use for different categories. Reporting managers can also quickly see a shared calendar to make sure that there are no dependencies. After the manager approves it, HR and finance processing are just a formality as all other details have been checked by the system.

Automating leave management saves lots of headaches when compared to emails or paper forms.

2. Employee information system updates

It’s important to keep data like emergency contact numbers and addresses of your employees, but in a manual world, this work often gets put to the side because it is so time consuming. HR teams might need to sit all morning copying information from paper forms into the database.

When you automate this HR process, you can have employees fill out an automated digital form that can prepopulate with all of their existing data. If the employee needs to change anything, they just make a note of it. The only thing the HR team needs to do is give a quick approval, and you can integrate this information to automatically update your cloud-based employee information system.

For new hires, instead of having them fill out multiple paper forms, you can use one digital form at the time of onboarding and use that form to populate the employee database.

3. Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding is another highly used automated HR process in Kissflow HR Cloud. Think of all the moving pieces that need to be strung together to give new employees a great experience. It includes coordinating with the finance team, reporting managers, IT assets and software access, team lunches, and more!

The employee onboarding experience is the perfect time to introduce automation. You can plan out the workflow ahead of time so that each new joinee gets the same experience. At every step along the way, notifications are automatically sent, training rooms are booked, and data is shared, all without stressing out your HR team!

One of the advantages of automating your HR processes like employee onboarding through HR Software is that it can actually make your company seem even more personal. For example, you may have a step where the department head leaves a handwritten note for a new employee on their desk the night before. Just because the process is automated doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal!

HR Cloud

4. Employee offboarding

If there’s ever a time to make sure you do everything exactly correct every time, it’s during offboarding. When an employee resigns or is let go, there are many steps that need to be completed, including gathering access cards, IT assets, removing from subscription accounts, and organizing the final salary payment.

It’s at this time that you want to be able to rely on a system that you’ve thought through ahead of time. Even if it is written out on paper, some steps can still be skipped if emotions are high or the process must be expedited.

When you rely on an automated HR workflow, you trust that the system will complete everything needed. Whether it is notifications or reminders, this automated process will give you peace of mind for every situation.

5. Recruitment automation

Talent acquisition has changed tremendously in the digital age, both in the tools used by recruiters and the expectations of candidates. Today’s job seekers search for their next job as if they were making an online purchase. They demand a personalized and seamless digital experience that cannot be fulfilled by a simple applicant tracking system.

Kissflow HR Cloud offers a unified workforce acquisition suite that gives stakeholders a 360° view of the talent acquisition process in real-time. It allows businesses to start recruiting pro-actively by creating and nurturing a talent pool of past candidates.

HR leaders don’t have to spend time copy-pasting a single job post into multiple portals. With Kissflow HR Cloud, HR teams can post their recruitment ad to a variety of job boards including Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn in a single click.

6. Performance appraisals

Performance appraisals always seem like an annual task that gets rushed at the last minute. Sometimes HR gets a bad name because it seems like they are just trying to file a lot of papers for the sake of legal review later. But it doesn’t have to be like that.
Your HR team can create a unique automated performance system that can be done on any frequency. Managers can have an easy-to-fill form that asks the questions that are most important to your company. Feedback can be shared with employees immediately and transparently so they know exactly what is expected of them.

When HR facilitates an automated performance review process, it is easy to adapt it to business needs, they become a closer partner in the rest of the business.

7. Timesheet tracking

When done manually and with paper forms, timesheet approval and management can take many hours every month. However, if it is turned into an automated Human Resource process, the whole system can be much faster for everyone. An employee can keep a digital template of their normal hours and make any adjustments. Managers can approve them from their phone, and the information is automatically recorded in your financial software.

Imagine how painless this timesheet approval process can be when you make it easy for everyone involved and simplify the whole experience!

8. Employee engagement

Employee engagement is much more than communicating frequently with your employees. Today, it stands for understanding and fulfilling your workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity, and satisfaction. As the demands of the current workforce continue to evolve, Kissflow HR Cloud allows organizations to engage and motivate their employees every day with Kissflow Channels.

The self-service module which is tied in with everything from training request and networking to organizational charting takes employee engagement to the next level. In addition to offering businesses a place to kick start discussions, Kissflow HR Cloud offers employees a platform to voice out their concerns securely.

Automate your HR processes today using Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud provides all the benefits you need as an HR team: faster implementation, fewer errors, and much easier to use for all employees and teams. It offers a unified interface to manager all processes related to HR by combining essential part of core HR with actionable insights and seamless API integration.

HR teams from all over the world use Kissflow HR Cloud to streamline their HR processes list–don’t you think it’s time you gave it a try?

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