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How to Harness the Power of Automation for HR Function in 2019

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Apr 2024 3 min read

It’s no wonder that automation has been such a game changer for the HR industry when it can bring so many results, including time savings, resource savings, and improvements in accuracy and consistency. Here are some things to think about if you are considering investing in an automated HR solution.

This year’s top HR trend: Automation

Automation is a key human resources (HR) trend that has been a hot topic for a few years and shows no signs of going away in 2019. Your organization can gain cost, time, and resource benefits by implementing an HR platform to automate the majority of its admin-heavy processes.

What is an HR platform?

An HR platform is a system or type of HR software that offers organizations support with carrying the key operations involved in the employee lifecycle. The best and most effective HR platforms cover all areas of the HR spectrum, from recruitment and performance management to payroll and time management.

The top 5 HR platforms in 2019

While there is a high number of HR systems out there to choose from, we have shortlisted what we believe to be the top five main players for you to compare.

Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow is an all-encompassing HR platform that offers the best features of an off-the-shelf product, combined with a build-your-own system. It does this by allowing you to take your pick of the most useful ready-to-go apps for your business, from expenses management and onboarding to performance appraisal and 360-degree feedback, and customizing them fully to suit your processes.

Also, Kissflow HR Cloud has the capacity and breadth to suit organizations of all sizes and all manner of requirements, allowing the client can choose their level of customization depending on the unique needs of their business.


Zenefits is a well-established, cloud-based HR platform that is particularly popular among smaller businesses. It provides a single place for line managers and HR teams to complete processes relating to payroll, benefits, employee recruitment, onboarding, performance, and much more.

Users enjoy the simplicity of the system and the fact that it reduces their administrative burden by automating many of the most common HR processes. The fact that it is able to integrate well with many other systems is an added benefit.


CakeHR is an HR platform that is generally best suited to small or medium-sized companies. It offers its clients a number of features to simplify their employee management activities, from expenses tracking, to time and attendance monitoring, to performance management processes.

CakeHR’s main objective is to reduce line manager and HR dependence on paper, email, and manual processes. Its easy-to-follow workflows and simple navigation make it not only straightforward to use but effective for businesses looking for an easy-to-implement HR solution with a good return on investment.


BambooHR is a popular HR platform for small businesses. It offers companies an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use HR solution with easy-to-use, streamlined functionalities. BambooHR is used by over 13,000 organizations and offers a range of basic features, plus additional functionalities such as employee self-service options. It has a variety of useful data reporting options, allowing users to easily build and analyze reports across the range of features.


Gusto is an HR platform with a variety of automated functionalities. It focuses on payroll and benefits administration. Designed as an alternative to traditional payroll systems, it aims to speed up, simplify, and streamline the payroll process, while simultaneously ensuring legal compliance and a high degree of accuracy.

Gusto could be particularly useful for a company that is looking to integrate its payroll with other parts of its HR system in a straightforward way. The free one-month trial is a great way to test out whether the system will work for your business in practice.

Choosing the Right HR Platform for Your Business Needs

As you can see, there is a wealth of HR software on the market, each catering to a different type of organization size, industry, culture, and requirements. Before you commit to investing, take time to undertake a full needs analysis with your HR team. Also create a shortlist of potential suppliers of HR platforms that have the potential to fix the issues that your HR function is currently faced with, whether it’s labor intensive, admin heavy processes, poor accuracy and quality, or complicated manual workflows.

The right platform should be able to offer you real solutions and improvements, not just to your HR function but to your business as a whole, at a price that is well worth the initial investment.

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