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Case Study

How Kissflow helped improve customer satisfaction by fixing the credit score system


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Kissflow for One
South Asian Bank

Being one of the largest banks in South Asia with more than 900+ branches, spanning with 20000+ customers with good book value, grown exponentially across the region. The volume of transactions, request and approval runs at high volume, as it needs to meet the demand with an SLA that would support the Organization with effective growth.
1000 - 5000
South Asia

Challenges faced

Serving more than 100k users, the bank faced serious challenges with their back office operations majorly on the series of documentation approvals., they were looking at a platform to address a specific platform to address the following challenges.

There is a need for an automated process for documents and HR to do rounds for approval from various stakeholders across departments in the organization


The process currently does not have a recall value and may be manual or spread across various manual processes


Due to the manual nature of the process, it is impossible to track the status of the process at any given point and its turnaround time per stage and capture the datas of HR processes


Tracking the document approvals needs to be captured with accuracy for their banking process for approval


The credit approval system which need to be streamlined and be integrated to part of their important banking process


Kissflow was a solution that the customer had evaluated for the initial HR approval system and started spreading to the other areas of IT asset request and expanding across to their other non core function in their banking functions that organization is currently working. The core credit approval system which is critical banking process that is developed and tested to improve the credit availability in matter of days/ hours to the customers from weeks to days was a key goal that the organization has achieved to improve customer satisfaction based on the credit score.

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Radhika Sethi
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