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Case Study

Saving the planet by automating workflows



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Doug Willis

IT Manager

"The benefit of tracking processes inside Kissflow sealed the deal for us."


Challenges faced

  • Expense tracking. As the organization grew, NQ struggled to track its expenses.

  • Manual processes. Employees used emails and paper to manage purchase orders, which were difficult to track.


As NQ Dry Tropics grew, it became tough to track expenditures. The finance team in the organization had to make sure that each project received and spent only what the project deserved. To keep track of expenditure, NQ brought in approval systems wherein a senior authority approved or rejected the spend depending on the necessity.

Since Purchases formed a major chunk of the expenditure, to keep a check on the spend, NQ introduced purchase requisition approval processes. Before Kissflow, the approval processes involve the exchange of multiple emails between requestors and approvers. Even though a set approval process existed, keeping track of the multitudes of e-mails and papers seeking approvals was impossible, and the whole process just fell out of place.

Doug Willis, IT Manager at NQ Dry Tropics, wanted a workflow tool to automate Purchase Requisition processes. Having adopted Google Apps for his organizational needs, he was on the lookout for a solution that seamlessly integrated with the Google Apps Suite. After evaluating a few options, the ease of setting up business processes and ability to track them effortlessly made Kissflow the preferred solution.


After successfully implementing the processes to track expenditures, NQ Dry Tropics could:

  • Track their expenses

  • Save a lot of money by cutting down on unnecessary spends

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual work

NQ Dry Tropics started off with expense tracking using Kissflow and has now automated many other internal process approvals following that.