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Vietnamobile is a fast-growing mobile communication service operator in Vietnam launched in 2009. It is a joint venture of Hanoi Telecom and Hutchison Asia Telecom Group and is the fourth largest provider as of 2012. Offering 2G and 3G whilst expanding rapidly on 4G network, Vietnamobile brings in innovative products as well as best-in-class customer services with a nationwide distribution network. With the desire to connect the young generation to the world via mobile Internet, Vietnamobile offers users a range of services in the most convenient and affordable way. In October 2016, Vietnamobile was officially converted to Vietnamobile Telecommunications Joint Stock Company under two major shareholders, Hanoi Telecom JSC and Hutchison Asia Telecom.

Warin Loasakul

Project Director

"VNM has saved a lot of money as a result of adopting Kissflow into their everyday affairs."


Challenges faced

  • Manual processes. With thousands of on-site and off-site employees scattered all across the country, Vietnamobile found it increasingly difficult to handle huge volumes of data in paper forms and Excel sheets.

  • Risk of misinformation. Vietnamobile handled sensitive customer data manually, which was prone to errors and misinformation. Data was extremely hard to track and was not updated regularly.

  •  Lack of accountability. Since Vietnamobile had no standardized tool in place, employees could not identify who was accountable for managing a process. 


As one of Vietnam’s forerunning telecom companies, Vietnamobile (VNM) has a lot on its shoulders. Millions of Vietnamese banks on the Hanoi-based company’s network make calls within and outside the country. The company provides a steady internet connection to subscribers, offers a range of value-added services, and is toughing it out against bigger industry players. But until a few years ago, the company’s own processes were in a complete mess because they handled all of their workflows manually.

Luckily, VNM caught the wave of automation when Warin Loasakul, the company’s Project Director, relocated from Myanmar to Vietnam. Warin had implemented Kissflow at his previous job in Myanmar Post Telecommunication (MPT), where he worked as a business process consultant.

He saw the everyday struggle VNM teams were going through and took it upon himself to straighten up the company’s chaotic workflows. Because of his direct involvement in successfully implementing Kissflow at MPT, he was able to assure VNM’s management to adopt Kissflow for their organization.

VNM started with 100 Kissflow licenses to automate a handful of processes such as new customer application approval, mobile plan upgrade/downgrade, service cancellation, etc. As Warin had expected, the teams at VNM saw drastic improvements in their process speed and overall efficiency. This boosted VNM’s confidence in Kissflow, and the company extended its user licensing to 800 within a few months of its first subscription!

Warin says that the company saved a lot of money as a result of adopting Kissflow into their everyday affairs. VNM teams were also happy to have their hands off the software maintenance issues since a cloud-based product like Kissflow takes care of data security and version upgrading concerns in the backend without bothering its customer.

Lately, VNM has started using Kissflow to automate many of its business-critical processes, such as ensuring NodeB connection across their networks, memorandum sign-offs, core HR workflows, etc.

The teams at VNM feel that they have truly gone digital by ditching their old paper forms and embracing automation in their processes!


Vietnamobile could reap the following benefits with Kissflow:

  • Drastic improvement in operational efficiency

  • Reduction in process cycle time

  • Elimination of information errors

  • Saved a lot of money

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