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Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

Founded in 1971, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency (Wayne Metro) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving approximately 35,000 low-and moderate-income residents throughout Wayne County. They provide over 60 programs in the areas of Quality Housing, Family Stability, and Economic Opportunities. Their services include financial capability education, homeownership workshops, housing counseling, financial counseling, utility assistance, Head Start, GED preparation, free tax preparation, foreclosure prevention, and homeless services.

Yvonne Herman

Chief Human Resource Officer

"We were able to completely customize and change the forms at any point without needing to contact an IT desk or have a background in programming."


Challenges faced

  • Lots of paperwork. Wayne Metropolitan was getting buried in paperwork as the organization grew.

  • Cross-functional collaboration. Traditional HR platforms didn’t allow the organization to collaborate with other departments very easily.

  • Implementation and quick changes. Their previous workflow software was a headache to implement. Changes took up to a day to reflect in the workflow.

  • Financial burden. All these options were expensive for a community organization that had better things to spend its budget on.


Yvonne Herman, the Chief Human Resource Officer for Wayne Metro, chose Kissflow because it is quick and easy, and she could tailor it to their organizational needs. Moreover, it came at a price that made sense, even for them.

She said, "The thing that makes the biggest difference to us is customization. We were able to completely customize and change the forms at any point without needing to contact an IT desk or have a background in programming. It is completely intuitive and can be adjusted at a moment’s notice."

Yvonne added, "We also love how Kissflow can be used across departments (connecting Finance and HR seamlessly). All users need is an email address, and they are a part of the workflow. The permission settings are important for us to maintain some privacy about certain processes, and the mobile app is also very useful for getting approvals done on the go."

After creating the status change application, Yvonne created one for the hiring process as well. She said, "It’s important for us to have great people in positions on the field, so we needed something that would work well with our systems. Due to the nature of our work, Wayne Metro must do a lot of screening for applicants, and a lot of approvals are necessary. Before we started using Kissflow, we averaged five working days to approve a new hire. For those on the field, five days are the difference between meeting a need and having to turn someone away from an important service."

By automating their hiring and recruiting process, she cut down the average approval time to two days and has even had some approved within 24 hours of initiating a request!

When asked about what onboarding was like before Kissflow, Yvonne said, "When I started, we had electronic forms, but it was still a paper-driven system. Everything had to be printed out and transported from site to site to get all the appropriate signatures. That made things run a lot slower than they do now. A single question might be a day’s delay or more."

To explain the benefits of automating the onboarding process, Yvonne shared, "Automating the hiring and onboarding process has given us two huge benefits. The first is the ability to communicate across teams. Both cross-department and hierarchically, we have a lot of great communication. This process lets the left hand know what the right hand is doing all the time. Everyone who needs to know is made aware of the details, and HR doesn’t have to spend time trying to track people down. Communication is always happening in real-time."

She continued, "The second benefit is that new hires get to see that kind of organization in real-time, and they are impressed that we are able to have everything in order on the first day."

When asked to share Wayne Metro's goals as an organization, she said that going completely paperless was of top priority and that Kissflow was helping them reach this goal faster.


Wayne Metro was able to achieve significant results with Kissflow:

  • Cutting down approval time from five days to two days

  • Automating the onboarding process and bringing order to the chaos

  • Improving collaboration across departments

Wayne Metro is doing some amazing work in Detroit, and Kissflow is proud to make that work easier and more efficient through workflow automation!

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