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Case Study

A central platform for all digital operations




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Originating in Mato Grosso, JDREL has 20 years of experience and success. Through the exclusive resale of Thomson Reuters solutions, we have become a national reference in the accounting market, capable of making the day-to-day of accountants even more productive, agile, and intelligent.

Hilgner Falacão de Arruda

TIC Manager

“Our entire operation goes through Kissflow. It has become extremely essential.”


Challenges faced

  • Standardization of processes. It was hard to enforce a standard process for all of their day-to-day processes, like onboarding, shopping, commercial, and ticketing. 

  • Manual processing. Nearly all of their internal processes were handled manually, either through paper forms or email.

  • Errors. Manual processing was creating a lot of errors where items had to be restarted.

  • Slow processing time. Processes were taking a long time to complete.


Hilgner Falacāo is the TIC Manager for JDREL. He found Kissflow from an online search. When he first saw Kissflow in action, he was pleased at the pleasant and extremely agile environment. 

“The quality of the platform is indisputable, fast, robust, and agile,” said Hilgner.

Hilgner and his team were able to migrate their manual processes very easily in a short period of time.

The first process they automated was the Sales Commercial process. They had no difficulties in the implementation. “It surprised our expectations,” said Hilgner.

The team accepted the platform quickly, and it immediately showed positive results.


After converting all of their existing manual processes to Kissflow, Hilgner and the team started to create new processes natively on Kissflow. 

They track the value of Kissflow with the number of anomalies and errors in their processes. These have reduced drastically since JDREL started implementing Kissflow. 

When describing Kissflow to new people in the company, Hilgner says it is the central platform for all of our operations. “Our entire operation goes through Kissflow,” he said. “It has become extremely essential.” 

Hilgner and his team make extensive use of the integrations inside Kissflow. He’s excited about the constant innovation and evolution with new features. Their next goal is to implement some case systems that are integrated with processes.