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Case Study

Facilities services company tackles misinformation with automation



Facilities Services

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Key Highlights


reduction in administrative overhead and expense activities


hours per month saved in processing requests


reduction in process development time

Nika Solutions

Nika delivers comprehensive services and solutions to support the complete life cycle of facilities. The Department of Defense, federal civilian agencies, and commercial and higher education institutions have trusted Nika to operate and manage their real property for over two decades. Their mission support, logistics, engineering, and program management services provide customers with the value and expertise to ensure operational readiness and extend the life of critical facilities. Headquartered in Rockville, MD, Nika helps clients enhance operational excellence in locations around the globe.

Chris Bosch

VP of Information Technology

“The Kissflow Community is extremely engaging and supportive! This platform truly elevates Kissflow to stand out from the competition.”


Challenges faced

  • Manual data entry. Admins had to update all of Nika’s information manually, which took a lot of time. Accessing real-time data was nearly impossible. 
  • Risk of misinformation. Since admins manually updated high volumes of information, information was prone to errors and missing data.
  • Collaboration and integration gap. Information was scattered across thousands of emails, making it hard for employees to be aligned on strategy and objectives.


Nika Solutions hit a wall when they began finding errors in information while manually processing approvals via emails. Chris Bosch, the Chief Information Officer, quickly decided to automate and streamline Nika’s operations with Kissflow.

By migrating from manual to automated process using Kissflow, Chris shared that Nika no longer faced the risk of making mistakes with information. Apart from accuracy, admins could escape the hassles of manual work, saving 150 monthly hours. Chris joked how that was almost equal to a full-time employee.

Another major win for Nika was reducing the administrative overhead and expenses by 85%, earning the approval of the finance team. Admins could also get real-time previews of employee travel requests, a feat that was difficult to achieve before Kissflow.

When asked what he loved about Kissflow, Chris said, “Overall, our journey with Kissflow has been very positive. The platform is fast and friendly. The support team is professional with a quick resolution for most queries.” 

He further added, “The Kissflow Community is extremely engaging and supportive! This platform truly elevates Kissflow to stand out from the competition.”

Chris shared that three departments – IT, Finance, and HR – extensively use Kissflow and have automated most of their core processes:

  • Employee onboarding and off-boarding
  • Paid time off
  • Employee travel
  • Expense tracking
  • Procurement
  • Employee surveys
  • Signature authority
  • Contract action items
  • Employee self-evaluation form

Chris mentioned that some of these processes, like travel requests, were not just for internal purposes. They were also used by customers who could gain visibility into each travel request and how the taxpayer’s money was used. 

When asked how important Kissflow is to Nika’s daily operations, Chris shared that Kissflow was an integral part of internal operations across the organization and a core of their strategic vision. He added that streamlining processes using Kissflow enabled employees to track approval requests and increased accountability.

By integrating Kissflow with core systems such as the US Department of Defence, MS Office, and Azure Active Directory, Kissflow plays a crucial role in running internal operations smoothly.


Nika Solutions was able to achieve the following results quickly:

  • Reduced administrative overhead and expense activities by 85%

  • Saved 150+ hours per month in processing requests

  • Reduced the process development time by 70%

  • Automated the Travel process with an SLA of just 48 hours

  • Automated the Paid Time Off (PTO) process with an SLA of only 24 hours

When asked about his future goals with Kissflow, Chris said, “Nika defines itself as a perpetual start-up, so we’re just getting started! With Kissflow's continuous development and enhancements, our options for growth are only limited by our creativity and drive to deliver better.”