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How to Create a Business Process That Your Team Members Will Actually Use

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Mar 2024 2 min read

Following the right BPM practices in your organization is only possible when you make it more about the people and less about the technology involved. For your business process efforts to be successful, it’s necessary to involve all the stakeholders in order to create processes that are easy to follow and well-constructed with room for improvement.

Anyone can create business processes, but creating processes that your team members will actually use can be incredibly tricky.

What is a business process?

A business process is a repetitive and predictable set of steps or actions that are required to accomplish a specific organizational goal. Processes usually involve taking some raw data and using different steps and approvals to put it in an improved state. Business processes can be restricted to a single team, move between departments, or even interact with customers and outside users.

A business process can either be manual or automated. When the process is automated, it is achieved through automation technology which allows users to implement the process in a more optimized and accurate way.

The discipline that formalizes the best approach to streamlining the process is called business process management (BPM). It is a systematic approach which aims to improve business processes and in turn help you achieve overall organizational goals.

Using BPM intelligently gives many advantages. You can:

  • Move swiftly towards digital transformation
  • Achieve greater control over complex and chaotic processes
  • Optimize complicated business operations
  • Run everyday functions more seamlessly and efficiently
  • Track every step of the process as they move through the workflow

Create a business process in 15 minutes with Kissflow

Kissflow is a cloud-based workflow management tool that helps you automate business processes in your organization. It allows users to create and modify applications without any coding.

While the idea of automating workflows by creating applications may seem complicated, it is actually incredibly easy because of drag and drop tools available on Kissflow. In fact, you can create a complete business process in as little as 15 minutes with Kissflow's low-code process builder.

Step 1: Create a form

Start by creating a form that includes all the necessary data required for the business process. You can add any number of custom fields including text, sequence numbers, and auto-populating fields. You can mark the fields that are compulsory to ensure they are always filled by users. It’s also possible to add fields for attaching files, checkboxes, and comments.

Step 2: Create a workflow

With the form created, the next step is to create a workflow by getting approval from the manager. You can send a request to them directly through Kissflow and they will instantly get an email notification or a push notification on their phone. They can quickly review the form you have created and hit the ‘approve’ button.

Step 3: Add stakeholders

You can add other people on your team to the workflow so that they can view or access the forms you have created. You can set conditions where certain users can only edit a few specific fields.

For instance, the team manager could be allowed to make any changes to any part of the business process, but the team members could only be allowed edit a few fields.

A one-stop solution to digital transformation.

Why should you use Kissflow for creating business processes?

Used by thousands of enterprises and SMBs, Kissflow is a workflow automation tool that helps companies automate manual business processes and move towards digital transformation. It is user-friendly as people with little to no technical knowledge can easily use it.

With Kissflow, you can:

  • Create a more transparent business workflow
  • Bridge process gaps to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Shorten process lifecycle with a streamlined workflow
  • Reduce manual intervention and human errors
  • Decrease the time spent on performing manual tasks
  • Ensure deadline adherence
  • Collaborate more seamlessly with your team

An incredibly easy way to automate workflows

A good BPM methodology can ensure that you are able to attain the set goals, maintain better visibility and control over the projects, and achieve measurable success. With Kissflow Process creating, maintaining, and automating business processes becomes as easy as clicking a few buttons.