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BPM BUZZ – Moving away from the Usual

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Mar 2024 2 min read

We decided to move away from Storify for a bit and jolt down the happenings and thoughts on Business Process Management every week.

This is just an excerpt from a wide range of information and this is not to endorse or sugarcoat anyone in the space.

Let us get on with it.

Every week I see a lot of articles, tweets and posts on what Business Process Management is, but this simple infographic from Linda Hundson explains it in simple terms. What is BPM? Is it rocket science? I certainly think not.

I remember the time I had to take new year’s resolution, worst decision ever, period!. What has this got to do anything with BPM? Well, Eyal Katz’s article in business2community.com as tweeted by Kalidas Chitambar is the reason. He compares BPM to new year’s resolution and explains how it can be effectively implemented using some tips. I exactly know which shelf it is going in. On the other hand an effective implementation of BPM requires a lot more than just tips and tricks.

Moving on to more complex informations in BPM.

Business Process Reengineering (fancy name) – This article from bain.com as tweeted by OluMayowa A. Ayodeji talks about what BPR is and how it helps an organization to get the best of their resources (humans most likely). What BPR does is cut down costs, wipe out unwanted processes and remodel the entire process.

Everything nowadays is called data, data of this, data of that… But what exactly do we need to do with all of the data (probably tell people we have data)? This article on syncing data with bpm from cioreview.com explains the methodologies used in BPM and what exactly happens with data in BPM.

Now, we are all taught to think big, but SME’s think big not just in terms of managing their processes, because that’s just for the big guys, they’ll just stick to sticks and stones. Telegraph UK’s article on process management for SME’s puts all the small business owners in their thinking place. It is blasphemy to think that small business don’t need process management, help out the old Joe at the coffee place to go paperless.

Heads up another buzzword coming through – Business Transformation.
This word is thrown around a lot of times nowadays leaving everyone go kuckoo, but everteam explains it in a peculiar way in this article, thanks to Dan Griffith for tweeting about it.

So, before going to the end of this article, there’s one thing which has been costing businesses a lot of time, energy and money. “Red Tape”, sounds a like a movie name isn’t it? But it is actually what innovation faces. Thanks to Frank Sonnenberg for writing a short but nail to the coffin type article “What Does Red Tape Cost Your Business?”.

Now, as a conclusion, I always am a fan of BPM.com and it’s conversations. If you need to learn and at the same get entertained about BPM I recommend you to start following the threads in bpm.com. They usually cover two topics every week, What aspect of BPM is going to go obsolete and Does processes need boundaries are the two topics covered last week. Have read through the conversations, it’s better if the start a talk show with all the available knowledge they have.

That’s about it for this week, now if you think there are articles, tweets or posts mention worthy please do let us know in the comments section.