More power to your work

Get the big picture in a glance

With multiple views, gain key insights
across all your projects

Keep track of all your progress

Use our Hold, In-Progress and Done states to get accurate data on what your team is working on at a glance.


Make informed decisions

Kissflow Project gives you powerful reports for you to make smart, data-driven decisions

A tool that adapts to your needs

Kissflow Project helps you stay in full control of all your projects and keep track of all the moving parts


Plan your tasks, set priorities, and assign them to your teammates to work on

Manage all your tasks

Bring multiple projects under the same roof to create a single, actionable task list

Centralize all your communication

Share project plans, documents, files, designs, and more in a central

Never miss your deadlines

Get automatic reminders when tasks, projects approach their due

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