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7 Strategies to Manage and Track Multiple Projects at Once


The mere thought of juggling so many important duties can be a source of anxiety for many professional project managers. Huge companies with extensive budgets can hire full-fledged project managers and teams but in the case of smaller organizations, functional managers must fill this role and are expected to perform at the same level.

This is where the problem begins. Multi project management tools involving multiple projects to handle is a daunting task even for a qualified project manager who knows about project management and for someone not properly trained in this field, it sounds impossible.

7 strategies to manage and track multiple projects

The following are the seven project management strategies to manage and track multiple projects at the same time.

1. Plan before starting anything

When you manage multiple projects, not much should be left to chance. It is important to create a successful project plan ahead for every possible scenario and have contingency plans in case things go south. You must set reasonable expectations for yourself and the team in order to be successful on all fronts.

You and your project team will be exhausting their mental capabilities while going back and forth between different tasks. So, you must incorporate some break periods in your plan where the workload is minimal.

2. Use every tool at your disposal

Even if you consider yourself the most effective leader and the best project manager, you are bound to need help. Project management tools can be a blessing for you and your team. Modern project tracking software is equipped with every single thing you’ll need to manage multiple projects at once.

Kissflow Project is an ideal multi project management tool that is designed to accommodate as many projects as possible. Its simple and intuitive project management features allow it to be used by people who don’t know much about project management but are involved in the process.

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You can conduct your daily business, track your team’s progress, track projects and the tasks assigned, and do so much more with just a click of a button. With this software, you can perform multiple time-consuming tasks quite easily and visualize your projects in a better way. This gives you more time to refine your plans and ensure that each project assigned to you gets completed successfully.

3. Prioritize tasks

It is extremely important to know how and when to prioritize tasks in a project. The project manager must know which tasks will have a greater impact on the organization and prioritize effectively.

You can also group tasks that are repetitive or similar in different projects. By doing this, you can easily work on different projects in the least time possible.

4. Adjust your plan through regular reviews

It does not make sense to stick with the original plan no matter what. Being flexible is an extremely important attribute that an effective leader must have. When you manage multiple projects, there are several unknown variables that can sometimes change your entire outlook.

The smart thing to do is, to begin with, a project kickoff meeting, hold regular review sessions where you update the original plan in order to successfully complete all your projects.

5. Know when to delegate

A good leader knows when to take charge and when to trust her team members. You must have a relationship of trust with your team and delegate tasks and assign them when you have too much on your plate.

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6. Stay focused

While you balance multiple projects at once, you are bound to give less attention to the task you are currently occupied with. In order to become an effective project manager, you must stay focused on the task at hand with the help of project management software for small teams.

One way of achieving this is to assign a specific time to each project according to their priority. In this way, you can ensure that your attention remains undivided.

7. Communicate with team members

Effective communication in projects is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of project management. Many successful project management methodologies like Scrum and Kanban focus on creating an open space where every single thing is shared with the whole team.

While managing multiple projects, this becomes even more important, as the team can know about any potential problems and discuss their solutions before any major delays in the projects occur.

Learn how effective communication in project management takes place with the team members.

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Learn how effective communication in project management takes place with the team members.

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Working on multiple projects at the same time requires extreme dedication and skills. By using online project management software, you can make your life easier. The market is becoming increasingly competitive day by day and even the slightest edge over competitors can make your organization more appealing to the customers.

By using the innovative features of the Kissflow Project, you can ensure that you can manage multiple projects at once which leaves your customers satisfied.