Multiple Views


Organize your tasks into columns, visualize the flow of work, and improve efficiency with a card- based Kanban system


Get clarity on who’s working on what and understand communication, connections, and handoffs with the matrix view


The list view lets sort tasks in terms of due dates, priority, assigned person, and other parameters

My Tasks

My Tasks lists all the tasks assigned to you and serves as your personal to-do list

Task Management

Task States

Use our Hold, In-Progress, and Done states to get accurate information on what your team is working on

Assign responsibilities

Improve accountability by assigning tasks to team members so everyone who is responsible for what

Activity feed

Get a real-time stream of all activities in your project so you can stay up to date with all tasks

Custom Forms

You can completely customize forms with an easy drag-and-drop form builder and choose from 25+ field types

Alerts and notifications

Get automatic reminders and notifications when tasks and projects about approaching their due dates


Create subtasks under specific tasks, set deadlines, and assign them to team members

Contextual Collaboration


@Mention people directly on comments, posts, and task cards to make every piece of communication contextual

File sharing

Attach images, and documents to cards so you can centralize all forms of communication


Provide comments and feedback directly on cards to keep everyone on the same page


Powerful search features lets you easily find old posts, comments, projects, and tasks

Coming Soon!

Insightful reports

Flow efficiency

The flow efficiency chart helps you visualize your team’s efficiency and calculate how long your tasks waiting for someone to take action

Cumulative flow

Identify bottlenecks with the cumulative flow diagram that shows various statuses of work items in a project

Cycle time

Improve efficiency by understanding how much time you team takes to complete each task

Lead Time

Eliminate process bottlenecks and estimate the time it takes to complete a new work item

Data Security

User roles

Define granular roles and permissions for all users so you control who has access to what

Activity log

Track the history of each task to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks