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Best Project Management App in 2022 – Why Kissflow Project is the Right Choice?

Project management app needs to be intuitive and yet powerful enough to meet the demands of the project and team. That’s where Kissflow Project shines.


2022 is a great opportunity to reorient your team and work toward achieving peak productivity levels. If you are struggling with managing projects or are frustrated with the complexity or limitations of your current project management app, the new year is the perfect time for a change.

A quick search reveals that there are lots of project management apps out there.

This situation is a double-edged sword, especially if you are a non-project manager looking for an efficient way to get things done.

On one hand, you are more likely to get a great match in terms of price, functionality, and ease of use because of the large number of available options. However, choosing the best project management app from so many alternatives can quickly become overwhelming and leave a lot of room for mistakes.

Your best bet is a project management application designed specifically for someone who is a non-project manager but who still wants to manage complex functional projects. That’s where Kissflow Project shines.

How can the right project management app help you?

Let’s take a quick look at the enhancements the bestt project management app can bring to your team’s performance.

Enhanced resource allocation:

Optimal resource management is an essential aspect of project management as no organization appreciates constant budget overruns or underutilized resources. Effective project management apps can be a great help in keeping resource use under control and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your team.

Better collaboration within the team:

The pandemic might be over in many places, but it has changed most industries forever. Effective project collaboration has always been necessary for project teams, but it has become even more important now. With many teams operating virtually or in a hybrid structure, there is a lot of room for misunderstandings and other communication issues. The right project management tool can facilitate effective communication and ensure that everyone remains on the same page.

With integrated features to centralize important project documents to the ability to help in video conferencing and personal messages, the right project management app will supercharge collaboration.

Better reporting and control:

Monitoring project progress, creating project reports, and exercising control is an important job that most experienced project managers dread and non-project managers struggle with. The best project management app can automate most of this process to ensure that you don’t get bogged down by unnecessary documentation. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on your project’s success metrics.

Free project management app will allow you to customize everything according to your need and focus on the analytics that matter for your project.

Better planning and estimations:

Another time you’ll need the right project management tool the most is in the planning phase. Plans are what define your project, and most experienced project managers equate planning to 50% of the job. An online project management app can help with creating a clear project roadmap to success with the right time and resource estimates.

Task management features in a good project management solution allow you to closely monitor progress across different activities and use that data to further improve the accuracy of your plan. Many project management apps come with advanced visualization features to help you get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the project and always be aware of current status.

Minimum risk of project failure:

All the aforementioned advantages along with numerous other features result in improving the likelihood of your project succeeding. Project failure is very common across many industries and using a project management app doesn’t guarantee success.

However, the right tool eliminates or minimizes the effect of all common sources of project failure and prepares you for any bottlenecks and risks you might face as the project progresses.

The best project management app everyone need to use

Project_image_1-1-1024x576 (1)

When it comes to project management apps, one of the key considerations for beginners and non-project managers is simplicity. The right tool needs to be intuitive and yet powerful enough to meet the demands of the project and industry. After all, you don’t want to go through the experience of setting up a new tool every other year.

Kissflow Project is an all-in-one tool that stands out from the crowd because of its unique combination of simple interface and powerful features. Originally designed for functional managers and others new to project management, Kissflow Project’s advanced capabilities, scalability, and customizable workflows have made it a popular choice across many industries.

Generally, project management apps capable of handling complexity come at a hefty price tag. Kissflow Project stands apart due to its affordable plans. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with a new team and limited budget or are already in charge of an experienced functional team looking to centralize its work. Kissflow Project offers everything you need for success.

What makes Kissflow Project the best app for 2022?

Kissflow Project’s growing popularity is due largely to its simplicity and intuitiveness. However, this doesn’t mean that the tool compromises on performance or capabilities. Kissflow Project is filled to the brim with project capabilities that allow you to handle everything from the simplest workflows to the most complex projects.

Here are some of the features that allow Kissflow Project to stand out from its competitors.

1. Multiple views

Any top-tier project management solution needs a quality visualization engine in order to succeed in the modern environment. Even if you are from a functional background, you are expected to be quick on your feet and make informed decisions according to the situation while handling projects. Visualization can help you with that.

Kissflow Project offers multiple views and that can give you all the necessary information about your project at a glance. You can choose between Kanban, Matrix, and list visualizations to always stay on top of things and maintain effective control without spending any additional resources. Isn’t that the dream?

2. Advanced control and task management

Kissflow Project has everything you need to keep track of your progress. The advanced features of this tool tell you the current state of your ongoing tasks, allocate resources, assign responsibility, and keep an eye on the dependencies of your project.

For your team members, this project management tool offers automated reminders about deadlines and notifications at any change in state. This allows you to always stay in control and intervene in case of any issue. Meeting all your deadlines is important for the success of any project. With Kissflow Project, you get all the help to ensure that you and your team members never miss a deadline.

3. Numerous collaborative features

Whether you are a new project manager or someone just beginning to handle projects from a functional background, you’ll know that effective collaboration is essential for project success. Kissflow Project understands that and comes loaded with features to facilitate collaboration and centralize all the important project information.

New teams often struggle while communicating on different platforms. This becomes even more problematic for hybrid or virtual teams. It’s hard to keep track of conversations when they are scattered across multiple email threads, personal messages, and other group discussions.

Kissflow project has an in-built collaborative interface that centralizes all the project information and keeps everyone updated with recent developments. For group discussions, you can create separate channels, add someone in a one-on-one discussion, mention, tag a relevant team member, and even spice things up with an awesome GIF or meme.

4. Granular reports and analytics

Kissflow Project offers advanced reporting features that help you maintain effective control over your project. Keep an eye on key insights like flow efficiency, lead time, cumulative time, and cycle time to ensure everything is going according to plan, and be empowered to rectify any deviation well in time.

5. Data security

Transparency is awesome, but some projects demand a little secrecy. For such cases, Kissflow Project offers detailed user roles that allow you to control access to certain information and workflows. You can also use the tool’s activity log feature to ensure that every change in a task’s status is recorded and nothing is left to ambiguity.

6. Third-party integrations

Kissflow Project seamlessly interacts with other business tools you rely on for your day-to-day operations. Tools like G-suite and Office 365 are now essential for any office environment. Kissflow Project integrates with them to prevent information from getting siloed.

7. Customizable workflows and pre-made templates

Kissflow Project is designed to act as another team member and simplify each aspect of managing projects for you. That’s why you gain access to a complete library of pre-made templates that cover common use cases for functional teams.

Can’t find what you are looking for? No worries. Kissflow’s intuitive interface allows you to customize your projects and create a perfect roadmap for your team.

8. Drag and drop design

Simplicity is one of the core values of the Kissflow Project. You can let the citizen developer in you shine with this tool. This project management app is a no-code solution that doesn’t require any specific technical skills. You simply have to know your process and set it up on Kissflow Project using the intuitive drag and drop interface.

Enhance the way you handle projects from today with Kissflow Project

Managing projects can quickly become overwhelming if you let go of the driver’s seat. It’s usually even harder for a non-project manager to track all the moving parts and maintain effective control. In most cases, you end up becoming reactive rather than proactive, which may lead to issues related to scope, budget, or time.

Kissflow Project is the perfect project management app for you. It’s designed to help you control your project and track all the moving parts without compromising the actual job. You can remain organized, collaborate effectively, manage all your tasks, and meet all your targets with consistency. And the best part is that you can do it all at the most reasonable price. Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?

Still not convinced? Kissflow Project is a free project management software with all the bells and whistles that make Kissflow Project great. Try out the tool’s intuitive features, communication interface, and evaluate the project management app with no restriction before making a decision.

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