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A BPM Tool Without Reports? Don’t Try It

Team Kissflow

Updated on 24 Mar 2024 3 min read

Every organization has a set of repetitive, slogging processes they want to automate. Some companies find a business process management (BPM) software that lives up to their expectations and seamlessly carries out all approvals and requests.

But when you try to scale process automation, new problems arise. What happens when the tool fails to identify bottlenecks? It can be frustrating to realize that all you did was bring more trouble instead of efficiency.

Rein in the Ropes With Reports

Kissflow BPM is a business process management (BPM) tool that is known to be a very pragmatic solution for anyone who wants easy-to-use workflow apps and powerful reporting. Kissflow gathers all your critical data pieces like deadlines, monitoring, and visibility under one roof called Reports.

For example, let’s say you are a manager who has put a hard stop to leave emails bombarding your inbox with a leave request automation tool. But think about all the interesting things you can do with reports.

Put Dimensions To Your Monitoring

With Kissflow reports, you get a tabular view of each field value of leave requests raised so far.

You can visit your Reports tab and apply a filter – say, a date parameter – to see how well you can manage holidays. Apart from the option to apply logical filters based on the field value type, you can also extract the reports. You are free to export a CSV to analyze and derive more insights from your process.

If you find that your approving manager is rejecting a task or asking the initiator’s work plan in their absence, you will spot a spike in clarifications. You can eliminate this by adding a field to capture the plan within the process.

Prioritise the Critical Path

As a manager, your hands are always full with a multitude of tasks. Whether it is a status request for market research, the email campaign that needs to go out by Friday, or the vacation requests from people looking forward to their holiday break – there are critical tasks that need to happen on time.

With Reports, you can separate items that need immediate action from tasks that can be on the back burner. If, for example, the email campaign trumps everything in terms of priority, you can simply view the list of items in your Reports page and click on a particular item to see where it’s stuck. You can then nudge the participant or reassign the step to another person to speed things up.

If you administer more than one department, you can create a report that only shows selective fields and keeps everything else discreet and share it with members of the right department. You can create a different view and save it for your reference and spot abnormalities.

Even Out the Throughput

The performance of a process is always attributed to the people who handle it. Reports can help you analyze the usage of a business process for a given period of time so that you can measure its performance.

You can go deeper to understand the performance metrics with the graphical representation of how many processes are completed, running, or rejected. If you see a pattern of many processes being rejected, you can drill down to a certain category to figure out if the rejections are all happening at the same business level. You can then investigate the requests to determine the common reasons for the rejections.

Similarly, Reports can also help you gauge the process performance based on the time they take to complete. For instance, you can remove bottlenecks along the way, like duplicate approvals by the same person, to meet a process deadline on time. If you find out that the usual reason for delays is an uneven load, you can analyze the User Workload Report to distribute requests stalled with a user and bulk re-assign them right from your Reports tab.

Consistency Is Key

Kissflow Reports help you to revisit and re-engineer the process when it needs to evolve. Along with everything else, reports are your archive of accumulated requests which can be exported as CSV and re-used elsewhere.

Try Reports First Hand

A BPM software without reports is like having a car without a dashboard – you don’t know how fast your’re going, how much fuel is left, or if your engine is due for a tune-up.

When looking for a BPM software, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t give you great reporting functionality. Try Kissflow Process for free. Automate a few processes in your business and see how the Reports feature helps you understand the processes from the inside out.