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How Enterprise Process Management Can Set Your Business up for Success

Team Kissflow

Updated on 21 Mar 2024 2 min read

Enterprise process management, also known as business process management, is a method that organizes and implements all of the activities in an organization in a structured way. This aligns them with organizational goals and maximizes integration across different functions and processes.

>Why Does Your Business Need Enterprise Process Management?

There are many benefits to implementing enterprise process management in your organization. First, it’s a great alternative to carrying out manual, paper, or spreadsheet-based processes that are time-consuming, inefficient, and inaccurate. It’s also incredibly difficult to cross-reference information and data when working with manual systems. Therefore, team members generally fall back on ad hoc communication, that can be prone to misinterpretation and inconsistencies. A good enterprise process management system can eliminate these headaches by seamlessly integrating tasks across different areas, meaning your processes fit together and flow easily.

However, perhaps one of the biggest advantages of enterprise process management is it enables a business to link all of its procedures back to the broader company goals and strategy. Thus, every activity is adding value and is contributing positively towards the organization’s objectives.

Since the best enterprise process management systems make all tasks and processes viewable and open to scrutiny, potential issues can be picked up quickly and rectified–be they halted processes, duplicate tasks, or redundant activities.

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Features to Look for in Enterprise Process Management Software

Now that you know more about enterprise process management and some of the benefits, you might be wondering how to make such an initiative work for you and your business in practice. By far, the simplest way is to invest in an effective enterprise process management system that can support you to implement and automate your processes in a structured way.

Naturally, there are a number of business process management software available on the market–so, how do you know which to choose?

Here are two of the top features to look in an enterprise process management:

Balancing simplicity with customization

This can be a difficult objective to achieve, but it’s pretty critical for users of enterprise process management software. You want your chosen system to be intuitive and straightforward to set up, implement, and operate daily, with minimum complicated coding or messy design phases. However, your enterprise process management system must be customizable to suit the needs of your business – to seamlessly follow your existing processes, incorporate your company’s forms and data, and be responsive to the unique business circumstances and associated processes.


Ability to grow with your business

When choosing a business process management system, it’s important to not just define your organization’s current needs, but its future ones, as well. It’s therefore worth looking at scalable software. This means you can add additional features and functionalities when you need them. This serves two purposes: you can implement the system in a phased way if you feel it would suit your teams to become accustomed to it gradually. You can also switch features on or off, depending on your business needs at a particular time.


Enterprises Love This Process Management Software

Kissflow Process is an enterprise process management system with customers across 160 countries. Users value the fact that they can create new workflows for processes, as well as modify existing ones, quickly and easily. This is possible because no mapping or coding is needed, as is the case with many business process management systems. With so many apps to work with, users can easily find ones that match their existing workflows, allowing them to automate and streamline their processes in seconds.


Take the Next Step in Refining and Improving Your Business Processes

Well-defined and designed business processes are a key success indicator of an organization. Even the most innovative and clear business strategy will not succeed when processes underpinning it are incoherent and not aligned with the organization. Implementing enterprise process management in your company is the perfect way to achieve organization and structure across your business activities. This will have a positive impact on your overall business success.