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A Comprehensive BPM Suite

Do It All From One Platform

Tap the power of business process management with the easiest BPM suite. Use Kissflow, a business process suite built for anyone to design and streamline processes
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The Perfect BPM Suite Puts Efficiency at
Your Fingertips

With a BPM suite, you can model, design, execute, and optimize any business process. Transform your work by managing workflows in a business process suite.
Simplified BPM Tools

Define all your workflows and forms with simple, neat and intuitive, drag-and-drop tools.

Quick Adaptation

Keep processes flexible and agile with easy, codeless edits to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Compatibility

Adopt a portable business process management suite to access it from anywhere and at any time.

Performance Metrics

Analyze data from processes and easily identify bottlenecks to improve the process efficiency.

Rule Compliance

Ensure that all the processes strictly adhere to the crucial policies and guidelines to be followed.

Fast Deployment

Deploy all your business processes the moment you design them without any delay or hassle.

Do You Really Need a BPM Suite?

Some products offer bits and pieces of the BPM process, but a business process management suite puts it all together with one tool. Don’t waste time by building a process in one tool and trying to run, track, and analyse it somewhere else. A BPM suite like Kissflow gives you everything for a simple price.
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Functions of a Business Process Management Suite

See what Kissflow’s BPM suite enables you to do


Create apps from scratch using drag-and-drop elements, or take advantage of Kissflow’s pre-built apps for common processes. Design forms using a visual tool, and integrate policies and process guidelines.


Quick deployment means you can start executing processes as soon as you finish designing them. Processes integrate easily with other essential tools, and can scale with minimal effort as operations grow.


Monitor ongoing processes, reroute and reassign tasks on the fly, and get detailed app- and task-based reports. Preemptively eliminate bottlenecks and process inefficiencies, tweaking processes as required.


Generate detailed reports and administrate tasks as required. Get regular updates and oversee all ongoing processes without having to interfere in the tasks of the team personally.


Kissflow is a great way to measure performance and monitor processes.

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