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Top 8 Information Technology (IT) Workflow Templates 2023

Team Kissflow

Updated on 10 Mar 2024 4 min read

The IT Service department is the pulse of every organization’s day-to-day operations. Nearly all aspects of your business from marketing to HR rely on IT in some way. For such an overstretched team, optimizing the flow of work to ensure the efficiency of operations is very critical.

One of the ways to achieve this is by using IT workflow templates to automate IT operations. These templates allow IT departments to design sophisticated workflows for handling their business processes in just a few clicks. This article explains what an IT workflow is and highlights the 8 best IT workflow templates you can adapt for your IT processes in 2023.

What is IT workflow?

Information technology (IT) department workflows are a detailed representation of the specific sequence of activities that need to occur to complete any IT process. To carry out any critical IT function, there are several steps or tasks involved. Anytime data is passed on between two entities within the IT department of an organization, that’s an example of an IT workflow.

IT service workflows can either be entirely human-based, system-driven, or a combination of the two.

Benefits of an IT workflow

  • Every IT department can benefit from efficiently designed workflows. These workflows delineate a clear path for the data to pass to the end users within or outside the organization. Creating workflows for IT operations and updating them as required will help an organization achieve optimal efficiency in service delivery.
  • IT workflows help to visualize the steps involved in a process and the order in which they should be implemented. Without mapping out workflows, IT processes will be happening entirely organically and this often leads to mistakes and inefficiencies.
  • Thus, organizations that want to ensure the continual efficiency, speed, and accuracy of their IT processes need to focus on designing efficient workflows.

Why do you need IT workflow templates?

Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are some of the main benefits of using a template as opposed to designing a workflow from scratch. An IT workflow template outlines the steps and people involved in every workflow scenario. Thus it can serve as an effective benchmark for improving the efficiency of your IT operations.

With templates, commonly executed IT processes now follow a predefined format that is easy to access and manage. As a user organizing your workflow, you simply need to select a template that meets your specific requirements, modify accordingly and launch it.

You get a fully-designed workflow with just a few button clicks. IT workflow templates can also be customized with additional actions based on the specific needs you have in mind for them.

Top IT workflows that every IT team should automate

Here are some areas where you can introduce automation into your workflow,

  • IT procurement
  • IT project management
  • Application development and support
  • Network Administration
  • Systems analysis
  • IT security
  • User support and services

To manage the daily operations of an IT department, several workflows need to be created repeatedly. Automating some of these workflows can benefit your IT service department (and the company in general) in various ways.

Although not all IT requests can be set on autopilot, a few of them (especially recurring and repeatable ones) can be automated quite easily.

IT procurement

You can use automated workflows to streamline the process of vendor selection, hardware replacement management, and so on within your IT operations.

IT project management

Automated IT project workflows serve as a blueprint that details everything you need to carry out any IT-related project.

Application development and support

You can create an efficient pathway for developing, testing, and deploying new apps by automating many crucial workflows within the project.

Network administration

Automated workflows can be put in place to better manage your network hardware and software infrastructure including servers, data centers, and IT hardware components.

Systems analysis

IT systems analysis works with users across various business units to understand the needs, capabilities, and gaps in your current systems. Automation of these crucial aspects of your IT operations helps you get a clear understanding of your system architecture faster.

IT security

IT security is concerned with the protection of sensitive business and employee data. Automated workflows can be put in place for monitoring, updating, and ensuring compliance with specific security requirements.

User support and services

The IT support department is in charge of resolving issues encountered by both internal users and customers in using your IT systems. Automation can help create optimal resolution processes from the time support tickets are opened till issues are resolved.

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8 Best IT Workflow Templates 2023

Best Information Technology (IT) workflow templates

Here are 8 of the best IT workflow templates Kissflow offers.

  • Access request
  • IT Service request
  • IT Bug tracking
  • IT Problem management
  • IT Change management
  • IT Release management
  • IT Onboarding
  • IT Incident management

With IT workflows templates, you can track IT tickets, automate them and manage requests effectively. These templates can be customized based on your specific needs.

Access Request

The access request helps you keep track of who has access to your facilities while automatically granting access to authorized personnel and adhering to standard security protocols. The facility operations manager will find the access request template useful for easily mitigating risks and eliminating security breaches

IT Service Request

The IT service request template is designed to simplify the process of resolving IT-related issues and responding to support requests. IT administrators looking to streamline IT operations and resolve incidents faster will find this template useful.

IT Bug Tracking

The process of identifying bugs and tracking how they’re resolved is easier with a standard template to follow. As a product engineer or tester, you’ll find the IT bug tracking template useful for standardizing the bug-tracking process.

IT Problem Management

This template standardizes the process of identifying potential issues and investigating the root cause of existing IT problems. With a standard IT problem workflow template, IT managers can reduce downtime caused by IT problems and boost overall productivity.

IT Change Management

Managing changes in IT infrastructure without causing downtime can be challenging. With a standard change management workflow template, IT managers can keep track of change requests while implementing effective changes without causing disruption.

IT Onboarding

Providing new employees with access to an organization’s hardware and software infrastructure is the function of IT departments. A standardized IT onboarding template will help enhance and automate various onboarding activities for new users.

IT Release Management

A predesigned release management template for managing IT releases can help avoid unnecessary delays in new product and update releases. As an IT manager, you will find this template useful for managing specific actions, delegating responsibilities, and managing approvals for new releases.

IT Incident Management

The IT incident management template helps you to keep track of incidents and resolve them seamlessly. This template will serve as a standardized flowchart for detecting, logging, diagnosing, and mitigating hardware and software issues effectively.

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