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Top 5 Sales Workflow Templates 2024

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Updated on 18 Mar 2024 4 min read

Sales departments have to carry out various steps that form a cohesive workflow for closing deals with prospective and existing customers. Sales workflow includes a series of steps from pushing leads along the sales funnel to influencing customers to buy a product or use your service. 

Closing sales can be complex, but the efficiency of the sales process is pivotal to the growth of any organization. This is why investing in building and automating sales workflows is very important for every organization. 

What is Sales Workflow?

The sales workflow refers to the set of repeatable steps your sal

es team has to follow toward achieving a specific sales objective. This objective can be moving a prospect from early-stage outreach toward becoming a customer or getting an existing customer to make a repeat purchase.

Since different customers are at different points in the sales funnel, the sales workflow is typically customized based on the specific customer you’re dealing with.

Benefits of a Sales Workflow

  • A sales workflow serves as a structured framework that your marketing and sales reps can follow toward closing a sale. Building a repeatable sales process helps your business a lot in the long run.
  • From the very first customer contact with your business, till they make a purchase, it is important that your leads and prospects receive the most efficient service possible. In many cases, this makes the difference between whether or not they move to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • The sales workflow is a set of detailed action plans and steps that instruct sales employees on what to do at the different stages of sales. Aside from ensuring that your customers get efficient service, building a workflow also makes the sales process easier for your employees.
  • With a standard sales workflow, everyone knows what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done. A sales workflow also makes it easier to identify areas with potential bottlenecks and introduce automation to streamline processes where necessary.

Why do you need sales workflow templates?

While sales workflows are very important, building them from scratch can be quite daunting. The sales workflow template is a pre-built workflow visualization tool that can be easily adapted to your specific needs. These templates provide an outline for the stepwise process needed to make a sale or achieve a sales objective.

You can deploy a template directly or tweak it for your specific needs as necessary to meet the intended purpose. A structured sales workflow template also contributes to a more effective process. Speed and efficiency are needed to compete effectively in today’s market and creating sales workflows from scratch over and over will only reduce the efficiency of your process.

Since the same process and services are being sold each time and the workflow is the same, using a standardized template can help save valuable time and improve overall efficiency. It also helps to unify your sales teams and streamline the way they work.

Top Sales Workflows that Every Sales Team Should Automate

The following are some of the common sales workflows that you can automate for efficiency. 

  • Lead assignment workflow
  • Contact update workflow
  • Funnel check-In workflows
  • Automated email workflow


One of the ultimate goals of adopting a sales workflow is that it makes it easier to automate specific steps within your workflow. This helps to eliminate redundancies since repeatable steps can be set on autopilot.

Lead assignment workflow

Businesses get customers using a wide range of marketing channels. Transferring these leads to reps to facilitate their journey across the sales funnel needs to be done as efficiently as possible. You can automate the processes of assigning leads to reps based on specific criteria. This helps you close deals in less time and improves relationships with customers.

Contact update workflow

The process of collecting data from customers to update your database needs to be consistent and effective. Automating the contact update workflow ensures that you have accurate information at all times irrespective of how busy your sales team is.

Funnel check-In workflows

As customers move down the sales funnel, there’s a need to keep your team updated about the status of each customer since this plays an important role in how you sell to them. Automation makes it easier to update the customer status at each stage of your funnel

Automated email workflow

Sending the right emails to different customers is one of the most time-consuming tasks that sales teams have to deal with. Automated email workflows are the perfect solution for this because they help you personalize the email and send them to customers based on specific triggers.

Streamline Your Workflows With Kissflow


5 Best Sales Workflow Templates 2024

Best Sales Workflow Templates


Here are 5 of the best sales workflow templates to try out.

  • Sales Pipeline
  • NDA Request
  • RFP Approval
  • Lead Qualification
  • Sales Quotation

The best way to standardize your sales operations and deliver a seamless experience to new and existing customers is by using workflow templates. This way, you don’t have to build a workflow from scratch each time you need to initiate a sales workflow.

Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline workflow template helps to optimize your interaction with customers across different touch points within the sales pipeline. You can deploy this template in just a few minutes while still maintaining personalized interaction with customers in the different stages of your sales cycle.

NDA Request

For client interactions that require Non-Disclosure Agreements, the NDA request workflow simplifies the process of drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the details of the agreement. The template simplifies and streamlines all the steps involved in getting the NDA signed by all concerned parties.

RFP approval

An effective Request for Proposal system is a vital part of the sales process in many organizations. The RFP approval workflow template helps to streamline and digitize the RFP process and saves you a lot of time in reviewing, shortlisting, and approving proposals.

Lead qualification

Instead of using a drag-net approach to sales, focusing on the right audience can make your sales process more effective. The lead qualification workflow template simplifies the process of assessing leads and determining where they fall in the sales cycle as quickly as possible.

Sales Quotation

When a prospective buyer expresses interest in your service or product offerings and requests a quote, you need to send a document that details your product offerings and how much they cost. Having a standardized sales quotation template for generating this quotation saves you a lot of time in preparing a quote each time a buyer asks for it.

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Kissflow’s workflow platform allows you to choose from any of these pre-built templates to facilitate your sales process and simplify your work. Try out Kissflow’s sales workflow templates to get an instant fix for your sales needs.

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