Lead Qualification

Kissflow helps you focus on the right target audience, engage prospects, improve conversions, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

About the Lead Qualification Template

Not everyone who expresses interest in a product has the capacity or intent to make a purchase. This is where lead qualification comes in—it essentially involves the process of determining which prospective leads are most likely to convert into customers and planning nurturing activities to push them to the next stage in the sales cycle.

Getting Started with the Lead Qualification Template

As a marketing manager, you’re looking for ways to reach out to your target audience, accurately assess their intent to buy, and provide your sales teams with a list of nurtured leads that are ready to make a purchase. Kissflow’s lead qualification template helps you do just that!
  • Deploy your lead qualification template in a matter of minutes
  • Align your nurturing workflows with your sales cycle workflows without the need to code
  • Delegate specific follow-up activity and improve transparency through role-based access
  • Improve team performance and enhance conversion rates with predictive analytics and business intelligence

Benefits of Using This Template

Harness the power of the cloud
Unlock the power of an elegantly designed lead qualification solution completely customizable to your business
An unencumbered view of work
Track every interaction with leads and plan nurturing initiatives to push leads along the sales cycle
The flexibility you need
Adopt a flexible approach to prospect requirements and ad-hoc follow-ups without losing agility
Make the right decisions
Curate custom responses to specific content request for accelerated decision making and rapid conversions
Collaboration and effortless routing
Empower your teams to collaborate more efficiently, plan action items, and delegate responsibilities with ease
Advanced reporting and analysis
Gain access to comprehensive dashboards that help you keep track of prospect nurturing and progress
Lead Qualification

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