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The best-selling feature of no-code app builder is in the very name–there’s no manual coding needed. The only thing you need is a team member who knows the logic of how the process should flow and the data required for each step in the process. You can build as many no-code apps as you need!

Hand Coding’s Got Nothing on No-Code App Development

When most people think of building software, they imagine an engineer in a dark room surrounded by computer monitors and pizza boxes working late into the night. The screens are filled with gibberish as he/she feverishly types more foreign text into the program.

But this model of hand-coding applications has a lot of issues that cannot be overlooked. It’s slow, expensive, requires a skilled programmer, and costs a lot of money. All of these are reasons Ari knows he can’t build a solution on his own.

But a no-code app builder like the one Shireen is testing bypass all of these limitations. Apps can be built in minutes, not weeks. There’s no hand coding to be punched in and tested for bugs. It’s all pre-built modules and drag-and-drop interfaces to build your applications.

The best-selling feature of no-code app development is in the very name–there’s no manual coding needed. The only thing you need is a team member who knows the logic of how the process should flow and the data required for each step in the process. You can build as many no-code apps as you need!

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Example: Vendor Payment App

Vendor payment is common for nearly every company. It is a dance between operations, procurement, and finance to ensure all materials have been received and bills are paid on time.

In a no-code app builder like Kissflow, you can start with a pre-built template to handle your vendor payments. Changing and customizing no-code apps is as easy as dragging and dropping elements and fields around. No coding, just simple editing.

Here’s what Shireen does to make her app in a no-code development tool:

  1. She creates a form that includes all the fields needed such as Vendor Name, Goods/Services Received, Cost, Total Amount, and Tax.
  2. She creates a common database of vendor information so that most of the details auto populate instead of needing to enter the information every time.
  3. She defines a simple workflow that includes approval from the warehouse that the goods were received, finance approval on invoices larger than $5,000, and processing from procurement.
  4. She edits the permissions so that certain fields are hidden or read-only for steps that contain sensitive information to prevent tampering.
  5. She integrates the workflow with their financial software so that a journal entry is automatically entered and the payment goes out after the last approval happens.

Shireen spends about three hours making the whole thing all by herself with a no-code platform, with a little chat support from the product.

Here is a short video of how simple no-code apps are created in Kissflow.

Interesting Case Study for No-code App Builder

Ari heads the procurement team for a fast-growing organization. They’ve experienced a huge increase in the number of vendors who supply materials and products to them. However, Ari’s CEO refuses to hire new people for the added workload, giving the ubiquitous, “Do more with less.”

But Ari is already facing a huge backlog and everyone seems stressed to the max. He knows it’s just a matter of time before someone burns out or quits, which will put them in an even deeper hole.

Ari had looked into using some off-the-shelf software to speed things up, but everything he looked at required a lot of customization and didn’t fit quite right. The IT team at Ari’s company was equally stretched thin and can’t help him make something new.

One of Ari’s team members, Shireen, said she heard that a friend in HR had built her own automated application with a no-code app builder to streamline a process. Ari is skeptical, and doesn’t want Shireen wasting time on a side project when they are already swamped for time. And, Shireen doesn’t have a technical background as well. So he allows her to take just a few hours to experiment on it, but if it doesn’t work immediately, they need to consider a new plan.

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Now, Ari is excited about how much faster his team can handle vendor payments. He’s got a quick solution that he can implement immediately and Shireen shows him how to make quick edits to the form and workflow.

No more worries about additional stress, or spending more money to hire someone new or building custom software. A no-code app builder alleviates all these issues, without having to make a major investment.

Shireen is also in a good place to grow and makes more apps that help her team. The whole process is a huge win for everyone.

Building the application you need doesn’t have to be difficult. With no-code app development, everyone can code, regardless of what their role is. No-code app builders like Kissflow make building no-code apps easy and simple. As we’ve shown above, you can build your no-code apps in minutes. If you’re ever stuck, call our experts and they’ll be more than happy to help out.