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All You Need to Know to Choose the Right BPM Software

Team Kissflow

Updated on 22 Mar 2024 2 min read

Choosing the right BPMS used to be easy. There were only a few vendors out there and you didn’t have many options.

Choosing the Right BPM Software

Today, however, there are dozens of options when it comes to business process management software to help you manage your processes and be more efficient.

While most of these tools help transform organizations, they do it in many different ways – some focus on visual workflows for each process, some with a focus on documentation and digital forms, and others with a focus on monitoring and tracking each stage of the process.

The challenge of choosing the right BPM system lies in factoring in the unique context of your company’s processes and needs to figure out which of these many tools is the one for you.

3 Keys to Making the Right Choice for BPM Software

Here are the three major factors you need to consider before making a final decision about what BPM software you are going to use.


– Are the people who are going to create the automated processes BPM analysts, or are they common business users? Some BPM systems are created for programmers or those who know modeling language like BPMN 2.0 or DMN 1.1. Others, like Kissflow, are made for anyone in the organization to use.

Also consider the others who are going to be using the system. If you start sending approval requests to the VP of Marketing, will he be able to understand the interface? Does he need a mobile option? The answers to these questions will help you decide what kind of BPM system you need.


– Next, analyze the problem(s) you’re looking to solve – is it processing speed, error reduction, greater transparency, or more automated tasks? Are there any proprietary requirements unique to your business that simply cannot be ignored (compliance mandated aspects for instance)? Depending on your answer, you can go with something that works for most companies almost all of the time; or else you’re going to need a more customized business process management solution that is made to order.

You can also consider the end result of your process. If you always need to create a merged document at the end, then BPM software that is document-centric will be a good idea. If you are coordinating between people, then a human-centric BPM system is better.


– Finally, the BPM software you choose needs to fit your budget. Some business process management software is unnecessarily complicated when it comes to pricing, while others are unnecessarily high. Aside from the cost of the platform, you need to consider if there are any additional costs for implementation, support, or consulting. Do your homework to get your CFO’s buy-in for the BPM software you want and come up with a clear understanding.

Made Your List? Now Check It Twice

As you consider the critical features you absolutely cannot live without in BPM software, check out the ones that are most important for you. Look through a handy chart that compares all the best vendors of BPM software, and consider the amount of training required to onboard users.

The decision about what business process management software to adopt is a critical turning point in the growth arc of an organization and cannot be taken lightly. It must be made deliberately and intentionally. While there are many options, many of them won’t be a good fit.

In this quest for the best, check out kissflow – a human-centric, cloud-based BPM software built to be easy for everyone in the organization to use.

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