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Top 7 Marketing Workflow Templates 2023


The marketing team's workload and the number of administrative tasks required to launch and manage a successful marketing campaign can get overwhelming really fast. An organized workflow can help bring order to the chaos.

Using a marketing workflow template will be beneficial to your future marketing project. It provides a comprehensive repeatable overview of the steps needed to complete your marketing initiatives and achieves desired outcomes.

Read on to learn more about marketing workflow templates and discover the top 7 templates you should try out to automate your workflow in 2023.

What is a marketing workflow?

A marketing workflow is a series of steps that details all that needs to be done to complete a specific marketing task. When developing a marketing campaign, or working on any other type of marketing project, marketing managers need a workflow to establish a standardized procedure for everyone involved.

Instead of starting every campaign, project or marketing task with everyone trying to figure out what steps you need to follow to reach the ultimate goal, a marketing workflow defines how all your marketing efforts fit together. It also helps you define the flow of information across your team. This boosts the quality of output and encourages consistency of outcomes.  

Benefits of a marketing workflow

It is pertinent for any growth-oriented company to establish a clear workflow for handling marketing tasks. Effective advertising is a form of ordered chaos. By having a clear outline for the various activities that must be completed at various points in the marketing process, you bring order to the otherwise chaotic marketing process.

Workflows also bring transparency to a project. It guarantees that all members of the team as well as any relevant stakeholders are aware of the current status of the project and what is required to move it ahead. With a marketing workflow, you get to eliminate internal communication silos that may arise due to a lack of clarity on what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

Why do you need marketing workflow templates?

Templates are a systematic way to visualize and navigate the tasks that need to be carried out toward achieving your marketing objectives. It’s a fully-customizable blueprint that can be tweaked to detail the standard operating procedures, tasks, and supporting documents included in the specific marketing workflow you’re dealing with. 
Managers can save time and effort spent on manually designing marketing workflows by using a built-to-purpose workflow template. With a template, you won’t have to come up with a new outline for your workflow each time you need to complete a marketing task. The vital details are already included in your workflow.

Templates also make it easier to introduce automation to your workflows. They make it easier to identify potential areas for optimization and introduce measures to set them on autopilot. 

Streamline Your Workflows With Kissflow

Best Marketing workflow templates

Here are some of the best marketing templates you should consider to streamline your workflows in 2023. 

  • Marketing budgeting
  • Event planning
  • Creative work request
  • Content marketing
  • Lead qualification
  • SEM management
  • Campaign briefing

Kissflow offers pre-designed templates for different marketing workflows. The templates are uniquely built to help teams keep track of specific projects and tasks and can also be customized based on the unique requirements of your marketing team. 

Marketing budgeting

The progress of marketing campaigns is often hinged on how much you intend to spend and how your budget is planned. Hence, the first step in every marketing campaign is preparing a budget that captures the different aspects of the project. The marketing budgeting workflow template outlines the details of the budgeting process, cutting down budget preparation time significantly. The template outlines the key steps involved in budget preparation, getting approvals, tracking, and management.

Marketing Budgeting Workflow Templates

Event planning

Events such as conferences and trade shows are perfect marketing opportunities for companies. However, planning an event requires a lot of work that can be better coordinated with a clearly-defined workflow. The event workflow streamlines the steps involved in coordinating and executing marketing events. It eases collaboration within the event team and ensures the timely completion of individual tasks.

Event Planning Workflow Templates

Creative work request

Creative deliverables are an essential part of any organization’s marketing efforts. The process of getting these creative deliverables should be captured by a comprehensive workflow that details the process from the start to finish. The creative work request workflow streamlines all the steps of creative work requisition, reviews, approvals, and receiving final deliverables. The template also makes it easier to manage creative teams and delegate tasks.

Creative Work Request Template

Content marketing

Your content marketing workflow template details everything involved in creating and executing your content marketing strategy. A comprehensive template like this helps to standardize your content operations and gives your team much-needed direction. It helps to organize and prioritize content requests in order to consistently meet your content goals.

Content Marketing Workflow Template

Lead qualification

Not everyone who expresses interest in a product has the capacity or intent to purchase. This is where lead qualification comes in. This template involves the process of identifying which prospective leads are most likely to convert into customers and push them to the next stage in the sales cycle.

Lead Qualification Workflow Template

SEM management

The SEM management template is a great way to centralize all your Search Engine Marketing campaign information and track progress across the workflow. With these templates, you can get started with setting due dates, creating goals, target keywords, and other details of your campaigns without building from scratch. The pre-set template also helps you track the progress of your campaign and keep track of important metrics.

SEM Management Workflow Template

Campaign briefing

Every marketing team needs consistent briefs that outline the steps to follow to drive sustained results for their marketing efforts. Creating, sending, and tracking campaign briefs is easier when all the steps are outlined on a customizable template. The campaign briefing template makes it easy to collect campaign ideas and outline all the steps needed to achieve them before sending briefs out to your marketing teams.

Campaign Briefing Workflow Template


You’ll produce better marketing results when you create and follow comprehensive workflows. A marketing workflow template simplifies the process of creating workflows for the specific marketing tasks you’re carrying out.

Try Kissflow today to find helpful marketing workflow templates for your marketing team. 

Streamline Your Marketing Workflows with Kissflow