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3 of the Most Unique Workflow Solutions We’ve Ever Seen

Workflow Solutions

Not all workflows are the centerpiece of business sales or everyday operations. Some organizations have very special use cases that demand automation, but are a bit off the beaten path.

Here are five rare workflows that Kissflow customers have automated to make their lives easier at work.

1. Assigning Community Service, One Student At A Time

One unusual workflow solution we came across started from a school district(read full case study. As a part of the regular curriculum, some student advisors created a workflow to assign community service learning activities for students, like cleaning the campus premises, volunteering time with hospice patients, or assisting the help desk at the library.

The student counsellor assigns students to complete community service activity in their respective month. It’s like rotating a roster turn in any other business so that no student is left out from doing their part.

Earlier, the school district had run into problems with their paper process when students completed their service but it didn’t reflect in their grades because of a mismatch in details. With the use of Kissflow workflow management software, the school is now in a much better position to manage the process.

2. Derailing Train Crime in Australia

This one came from a transportation company in Australia where they had an increasing number of complaints coming in from commuters about criminal activities inside train coaches or around the station platforms. The company already had surveillance cameras fitted at all possible spots to monitor suspicious activities, but investigations would often peter out because of the messy paperwork involved.

They have now automated an escalation process with Kissflow, wherein a request will have incident details and evidences attached, such as a CCTV footage or an audio record of eyewitness account. They also included crucial details like the reason behind the escalation, time and date of the crime, station guards’ timesheet, etc. After weighing in the validity of an incident, the investigating team would properly document the important details and automatically push the case to the concerning police department via email.

Automating the process with a web-based workflow software has made their crime reporting process swifter, their relation with the police department has improved, and crime rates around the metro property has come down drastically.

3. Airport Baggage Claims

All of us have witnessed the baggage claim process at airports. It’s always a great sight to see your suitcase come gliding down the carousel for you to pick up. But it can be a lifelong mental scar for those of us who have lost – and couldn’t recover – luggage in between transits.

An airline carrier’s ground office wanted to minimize such bad customer experiences, so they decided to automate their baggage check-in and claim process. They connected Kissflow with their ticketing software so that when customers checked their luggage in, the information would load in the workflow platform as well. The airline staff at the receiving airport would use the data to check the bags’ arrival, or would communicate with corresponding offices to track their whereabouts.

The company found that automating the process gave them a vantage point to see the luggage’s journey more clearly and come up with better ideas to manage the logistics well.

Workflow automation doesn’t always have to be business-focused or sales-driven – often, it is useful for streamlining a process that looks small but could be an energy-draining endeavor. With a tool like Kissflow Workflow that lets you customize a workflow app to suit your enterprise needs or build one on your own, you can be innovative about automating a workflow and have fun doing it.