From acquisition to disposal, manage the entire lifecycle of your assets


Unified repository of
all your assets

From purchase date to the current owner, to serial number, capture all the necessary details to monitor your assets.

Allocate your
assets wisely

Whenever employees request assets, you can use the entire asset history to find unused resources in different locations.

Simplify asset
repairs and returns

Employees can raise repair requests and maintenance, admin teams can evaluate and validate requests, and take necessary actions.

Calculate depreciation expense automatically

Evaluate the wear and tear of your fixed assets. We use multiple methods to find the depreciation costs so you don’t have to.

Year-end audits
made easy

Keep track of every location the assets have been at, every asset owner, every time assets have been repaired, making your audits chaos-free.

Stay on top of your assets

More power to your finance and operations teams
Centralized Data

Keep all your asset data under one roof for increased control and transparency

Faster Approvals

Streamline all asset-related processes so requests can be addressed quickly

Exhaustive Reporting

Get detailed reports and key metrics that help smarter asset allocation

Asset management made simple with Kissflow Finance and Operations