Get more control over your books

Write-off approvals

Define write-off tolerances and approval flows for business units, customers, and users. Limit amounts that can be written off and ensure the integrity of your books with relevant documentation.

Credit note approvals

When customers return the goods sold, you can issue them a credit note which can be used to offset future invoices. Employees can request the finance team for a credit note to be issued to the customer.

Debit note approvals

When you return the purchased goods to your vendors, you can request your finance team to issue a debit note to your vendor. This can be used to offset future purchase invoices.

Write-down requests

Record an adjustment to your existing inventory and reduce the book value of your assets by raising write-down requests.

Close your books with confidence

More power to your accounting teams
Policy Compliance

Ensure no unauthorized write-offs take place and maintain integrity


Connect with your accounting software to automatically record journal entries

Audit Status

Document every write-off, credit and debit notes for added accountability

Do a lot more with your accounting software