Simplify Your Travel and Expense Management


Travel requests

When you use paper forms and emails for trip approvals, they can get lost and approvals get delayed. Get total control over travel requests, reduce administrative costs, and eliminate paperwork.

Expense reimbursement

Create online expense reports, attach receipts, and expense policies to quickly approve reimbursement claims. Avoid unnecessary paperwork and enforce compliance with your spending guidelines effortlessly.

Mileage reimbursements

With Kissflow Finance and Operations, you will immediately gain more visibility and insight into mileage expenses, get a transparent reimbursement process, and avoid the additional costs due to mileage fraud.

Vehicle request

Capture important data about the requestor, vehicle information, and which vehicles are already reserved.

Everything you need to stay on top of your
travel and expenses

More power to your finance and operations teams
Spend control

Find areas where you’re spending unnecessarily and cut back on costs

Status tracking

Easily track the status of your requests, right from your smartphone

Exhaustive reports

Get detailed reports, key metrics, and actionable insights to make smart decisions

Automate your travel and expense management with Kissflow