Budget management made easy


Initial budget planning

Use historical data to get insights and create a realistic, reasonable budget plan. All departments submit their plans which can be consolidated into the master budget.

budget requests

Often, the allocated budget doesn’t align with the actual spend, when additional funds can be requested.

Budget transfer

In some cases, the budget for certain projects or departments becomes tight while the budget for others is adequate. Budget transfers help you swap available resources between projects, teams, and account heads.

CapEx Request

CapEx approvals often involve too many people and valuable assets are delayed with bureaucracy. With a well-defined CapEx process, you can involve everyone while still shortening the cycle.

Bid goodbye to manual, outdated processes

More power to your finance and operations teams
Version Control

Always be assured that you have the latest version of the budget

Unified Data

Have all your budget estimates and actuals in one centralized database

Exhaustive Reports

Get key metrics, and actionable insights to make realistic budgets

Streamline your budget management with Kissflow